Thursday, May 17, 2012

Several Union - Awake From The Game (2011)

Several Union is a five piece rock band out of Italy. They have released their new album, entitled "Awake From The Game." The album contains a good mix of metal riffs and hard rock vocals. The clean vocals are delivered with aggression keeping the album fierce. As far as the instruments go, the drums are monstrous with detailed drum patterns while the guitars are constantly blaring with distortion.

The opening track, "Erase The Sorrows" opens with futuristic synths with interesting effect that fade right into distorted guitars. The riffs will have you throwing up your devil horns immediately. The verse contain clean singing with catchy lyrics that echo through the track. The refrains kicks in soon after with mesmerizing melodies that'll run through your head for days. The double bass pedals will blow your mind as quick rolls rumble underneath you. "On My Own" kicks things off with immediate vocals with catchy tones that carry you right into more blaring guitars and booming drum fills. Cymbals are constantly crashing from left to right as the snare drum is relentless with its rapid snap in every roll. The refrain comes through and completely consumes you with catchy vocals that'll have you singing along right away. This track is very addicting.

Later you'll come across songs like "Awake" and "Best Of Me" where the guitars just jump right in and completely annihilate you. Right as you're trying to recover from them, massive bass lines come through and knock you right back on your ass. Groovy bass lines keep you at the edge of your seat with their constant change in melody. The vocals continue to echo with catchy lyrics pulling you deeper into the album. "One By One" also keeps the album pumped with energy as you come across rapid kicks and snares forcing you to bob your ahead with the beat. The guitars switch up constantly between chugging patterns and melodic riffs. The track does manage to catch you by surprise with its monstrous breakdown and wicked growling vocals that layer on time of it. This little transaction will definitely have you shitting you pants.

You'll also discover a softer side to this album as well as you move deeper into the album. "Fall And Fade" opens with a slow acoustic riff and mellow vocals. The lyrics are delivered with an emotional tone as lightly distorted guitars begin to fade in. It definitely has a strong alternative rock sound to it witch may turn some metal fans but i feel that it fits the album as a whole overall. They add a bonus track in the end, entitled "Waiting For," which strictly contains acoustic guitar riffs and beautiful piano notes. The vocals are sung with a real slow emotional sound while weeping strings float gently in the background. Again, far from the metal scene but seems to really fit the album perfectly. The mixture of gorgeous strings and angelic piano riffs make this track worth hearing. Definitely check it out.

"Awake From The Game" definitely leans more towards the radio scene with its catchy hooks and melodic riffs however it definitely keeps you hooked throughout its entirety. You'll find yourself playing over and over again after the first time hearing it. It doesn't quite have enough elements to call it metal but it's definitely a solid hard rock album that is well worth your time.


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