Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Winter Gate - Disillumination (2012)

A progressive death metal band of India has made its way to my speakers and after reading this review it should quickly make its way to your speakers as well. The band goes by the name Winter Gate. The band has released a short EP, entitled “Disillumination.” It consists of three tracks, two of which contain some wicked guitars and exploding drum patterns. The other being more of just a short intro. The EP displays some overwhelming growls and ravishing clean singing that will definitely blow your mind.

The opening track, ”Beyond The Light,” is a gorgeous instrumental that displays soothing and relaxing piano patterns. Heavily drenched in echoing reverb, the melodies paint an emotion picture that completely consumes you as you are carried to a whole other realm. As the piano riffs fade, you will run into the second track, entitled “A Wreath Of Mist.” This twelve minute masterpiece takes full control with dominating guitar riffs and catchy melodies that will get stuck in your head for days. During the verses comes a wicked set of vocals that deliver massive growls that’ll have you shitting yourself immediately. The guitars keep the background bursting with energy with their monstrous chugging patterns layered with overwhelming lead guitar melodies that hypnotize you deep into the song. You even come across a scale murdering solo about half way through the track. The notes alone will have your jaw dropping with amazement. The drum rolls are constantly changing with a mixture of double bass patterns and relentless snares. This song shows a strong resemblance to that of Opeth as the structure of the track turns out to be really complex and unpredictable. Towards the last three minutes of the song you will run into mellow guitar riffs and ominous clean vocals that set up a dark depressive mood.

“Death’s Embrace” is the third and final track on the EP. It continues with jack hammering double bass pedal drumming and a constant mix of cymbals that shatter violently throughout the track. The growling vocals step up with a violent delivery that is sure to knock you on your ass. The track has a good mix of regular and distorted guitar riffs that play back and forth perfectly throughout the track. Both tunes are captivating in their own way. The drums will have you bashing your head to the beat throughout the second half of the song as things pick back up with vicious vocals and punishing guitar riffs. Booming kick patterns pound you into the ground while a solid snare comes in with a constant snap. The song comes to an end with addicting guitar riffs that are layered on top of each other perfectly. This is definitely an epic ending.

Winter Gate displays a great balance of melodies and song structure. They have a very strong progressive side to their music that keeps you addicted and wanting more. “Disillumination” contains very impress vocals both growling and clean singing. For only being a three track EP, these songs really pack and punch and have lots of different elements to throw at you. You’ll definitely find yourself playing the entire EP over and over again. It’s well worth the time.


Official Site - http://www.facebook.com/WinterGate

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