Friday, June 29, 2012

Aldebaran - Buried Beneath Aeons (EP) (2011)

It's rare to find a good funeral doom metal band from the states. Fortunately I've come across an awesome band by the name Aldebaran. They released an EP in 2011, entitled "Buried Beneath Aeons." The EP consists of only one track but don't think that it's a quick listen. Besides the fact that it's funeral doom with ridiculously slow tempos, the one track runs for over 27 minutes long.

"Buried Beneath Aeons" starts out with mellow strumming guitars with barely any distortion on them. The slows riffs linger with reverb effects giving a dark and atmospheric tone. Gentle drum patterns slowly enter about three minutes in. Light cymbals splash in the background as kicks and snares go back and forth in a very depressive tempo. The track starts to get heavier about four and a half minutes in as more aggressive distorted guitars come in blaring monstrous chords in the background. Meanwhile the vocals step in with a deep demonic growl holding long notes in a very slow speed. The drums also begin to get more aggressive as they start to produce more detail fills and louder cymbals and snares.

The track starts to change up about 12 minutes in as thumping toms and snares march through the blaring distortion. The guitar riffs deliver a more sinister melody as the track gets darker and darker. The growls come back in the second half of the song and display a more constant delivery. At this point distorted guitars are everywhere, blasting wicked chords and devilish melodies. The drums continue to pound you into the ground with their detailed rolls and snapping snares. The cymbals become more and more relentless as they light up the background shattering left and right. The tempo starts to pick up about 20 minutes in as double bass pedals come rumbling in with thunderous beats. Meanwhile the the vocals just keep at it ripping right through you lyric after lyric. The track calms down towards the last few minutes of the song with light bass and guitar riffs. Toms are at a constant rumble with light shimmering cymbals floating in the background. The song slowly fades to an end. This is where you quickly jump to the replay button.

Aldebaran has clearly put a lot of work into this EP. The song structure is unique and complex keeping you glued to your speakers the entire time. The vocals were delivered perfectly and were well produced. If you're looking for some new funeral doom metal than definitely take some time and check this EP out.


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