Monday, June 11, 2012

Crown - The One (2012)

Crown is a very unique band out of France that has a strange mix of dark atmospheric rock and sludge metal. They have just released their new album, entitled "The One." The band uses a lot of different keyboard instruments along with many different settings of distortion on their guitars. The album contains five tracks in which each has its own unique sound and style to it. This definitely keeps you at the edge of your seat as your waiting for what's about to come next.

The opening track, entitled "Cosmogasm," starts off with harsh growls that echo over eerie guitars and atmospheric synths. The distortion effects on the guitar will completely knock you on your ass right from the beginning. Violent snares and cymbals shatter in the background as a booming kick drum rumbles underneath you with a deep punch. The vocals consist of long growls held with a very slow delivery. This five minute track will have you shook with its gloomy sounds and haunting vocals. "The One" follows up with a more melodic guitar riff as a basic kick and snare pattern carry you through the song with an upbeat feel. Multiple guitar riffs layer on top of each other giving off a more detail sound with its catchy melodies. A groovy bass line comes in next following in the same melodic footsteps. The vocals come in with clean singing that contain slow depressive lyrics. You really get a good look at the bass throughout this song as it constantly throws heavy note after heavy note at you. The vocals switch up towards the last two minutes of the song with more echoing growls performed in a devilish way. The track picks up speed and will have you bobbing your head to every beat.

Bone chilling synths start off in "100 Ashes." The keyboards carry a very dark and yet catchy melody as it is covered in reverb and delay effects. The vocals open with a very calm delivery as they hold a very mono tone to the mix. The track is only four minutes long but it holds a very futuristic feel to the album and the melodies are so catchy they'll have you hitting the repeat button for sure. "Mare opens with soft atmospheric guitar riffs and sound effects that paint a very dark and unclear image. After about two minutes of the mellow guitars comes in monstrous chugging guitar riffs that blast chord after chord in you face. The heavy chugging patterns will have you throwing up your devil horns in no time. These vicious riffs are soon accompanied by clean vocals that glide of the other instruments perfectly. They soon witch over to the violent growls in which they really begin to take over the track. Following this seven and a half minute song comes "Orthodox." This is the final track and runs for over nine minutes long. The drums throw massive snares at you while clean eerie vocals take over the verses. Muddy guitar riffs consume the background with messy distortion and atmospheric tones. Later comes a completely different riff that almost makes the song sound like a brand new track. It's futuristic effects carry you to a whole other world as the drums become more detail as they start to throw different patterns at you. Meanwhile cymbals are crashing violently in the background. The instruments in the middle of the track real build up the suspense as your dying to see what comes next. Soon more clean vocals step in with depressive tones that carry you towards the end of the album.

"The One" has a very refreshing sound as well as a creative take on these styles of genres. The album holds a very futuristic sound to it with its dark atmospheric keyboards. The vocals are excellent as they give you both the mellow haunting clean vocals and the demonic growls that run right through you. The album is only five tracks long so you'll definitely be jumping to the repeat button as soon a its over. Definitely check this album out.


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