Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Innzmouth - Lovecraft's Dreams (2012)

I haven't come across too many metal bands from Syria until today. The funeral doom metal band Innzmouth has recently released their new album, entitled "Lovecraft's Dreams." The album contains a total of five tracks. It's depressive tempos put you in the mood for some dark and devilish funeral doom.

The intro, "Estoric Order Of Dagon," opens the album with a one minute babble of guitar riffs that are layered over each other in an off timing sound. This leads you right into the eerie guitars of "Lovecraft's Dreams." Haunting keyboards fill the air with dark melodies as you run right into deep chugging guitar riffs that completely take over the background. The lead guitar is full of wretched distortion that makes you flinch with its ominous tones. The tempo stays slow as a devilish growl comes in and knocks you out of your chair. More evil keyboards follow the growls as they float lightly in the background. This eight minute track definitely has some potential with its devilish melodies and gloomy sound effects. It definitely paints a funeral metal type of sound.

The third track, entitled "The Voyage," has the album move even slower with its delayed drum rolls and cymbals that crash heavily in a very depressing speed. More screechy guitar riffs take over in the beginning with wicked melodies and screaming distortion. The vocals switch between monstrous growls to higher black metal screams. The delivery is fantastic. The song structure itself could use a little more creativity. A lot of the song is the same riff over and over again and it starts to put you to sleep about three minutes into it. Keep in mind that this track runs for over 11 minutes long. It begins to change a little more as you move further into the track. The vocals are what really keep the track interesting. The wicked black metal screaming sound awesome and really send chills down your spine. One instrument you'll really start to notice towards the end of the track is the bass. Its depressive bass lines will have you drowning in its sorrow.

"Requiem" is the fourth track on the album and runs for over nine minutes long. The first minute is all orchestral strings that play a dark and gorgeous melody. This leads into muddy guitar riffs with high distortion effects on them. The low quality gives it that classic black metal sound. The kick and snare drum, however come out muffled as well only in a bad way. Its unclear patterns are a major turn off to the album. The drums were descent in all of the other tracks so I'm not sure what they were going for when they recorded this album. You may have a difficult time getting through this last track. The quality really takes away from the song altogether.

With a short intro and outro, "Lovecraft's Dreams" is really only three solid tracks. It still comes out to about 30 minutes total which is just about right for a three track funeral doom metal album. They album had a lot of potential with the instrumentation and vocals however that fourth track really took a dip in the end. Check out the second and third track if you get a chance but I wouldn't waste any time on the rest though.


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