Monday, June 25, 2012

Merrimack - The Acausal Mass (2012)

Coming from the darkest shadows of France comes a band by the name of Merrimack. This black metal band has really stepped into the metal world with their new album, entitled "The Acausal Mass." Spreading their dark messages to the world, the band delivers nine overwhelming tracks that are full of passion and rage. Each song plays a major part in the album and flows well into the next.

Opening with a short intro by the name of "Vestals Of Descending Light," the album quickly jumps into the second track, entitled "Arousing Wombs In Nine Angles Pleroma." Wicked black metal screeching pours into your speakers with wretched tones and an evil delivery. Dark melodic guitars fill the air with haunting riffs and complex drum patterns that switch from slow thumping kicks and snares to relentless beatings of non stop double bass pedals and detailed snare rolls that will absolutely blow your mind. The drums will have you throwing up your devil horns and bashing your head to the beat. "Gospel Of The Void" continues with monstrous distorted guitars with dark and yet catchy riffs that'll have you jamming along in no time. The vocals come through and rip you to shreds with their demonic screams and growls. The drums show off tremendous talent as ridiculous double bass pedal drums rumble heavily beneath you. A dark guitar solo fades in through the middle of the song as the vocals continue shouting in the background. Wild notes are thrown in all directions as more reckless cymbals crash violently in the background. You can definitely feel a lot of dark emotions through this beast of a track.

Songs like "Hypophanie" and "Worms In The Divine Intestine" show a lot of detail in their music. Both songs start out painting a dark image with mellow instruments and demonic tones. They slowly pick up speed with detailed drum rolls and and fast pace double bass pedals. The guitars go back and forth between dark and gloomy to a fast beat down of devilish riffs. The complex structure of the tracks keeps you at the edge of your seat at all times. You never know what they're going to throw at you next.

The final track, entitled "Liminal Matter Corruption," runs for over eight minutes long and is a must hear track. They put many different elements into the track that really keep you hooked the entire time. The drums keep a constant flow of double bass drumming through most of the track leaving you no time to breath. The vocals are constantly pounding you into the ground with devilish lyrics and an ominous delivery. The structure of the track constantly changes throughout the song as if you were listening to a few tracks at once. You'll come across a few melodies that are demonic and yet very catchy at the same time. Overall the song becomes very addicting and will have you hitting the replay button right away.

Merrimack has only been around for a couple of years and already they are making a huge impact in the metal industry. "The Acausal Mass" is well balanced between melodic guitars, exploding drum fills, and punishing vocals. It's definitely an album that you can sit through the whole thing and want to hear again and again. Make sure you take some time to check it out.


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