Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sinister Frost - Cryotorment (2012)

I was immediately hooked when I first saw the album art work of Sinister Frost's new album, entitled "Cryotorment." And it turns out that this album had a lot more to offer than just a gorgeous cover. This symphonic metal band from the Russian Federation has some incredibly dark and ominous riffs and vocals that is sure to blow your mind. On the other had, they also deliver some beautiful orchestration and piano riffs that will sweep you off your feet.

The album starts with eerie sound effects and haunting keyboards that surround you with dark images in "Cryotorment." This gloomy intro carries you right into "Mystery Of Sinister Forest." Orchestrated instruments fade in as they are quickly taken over by a deep demonic growl that'll make you shit yourself. Meanwhile jack hammering double bass pedals blat away with wicked speed. Snare rolls are relentless as violent cymbals shatter in the background. The vocals deliver a solid death metal tone throughout the track. Aggressive riffs take over the background with wild melodic notes while keyboards stay busy with gorgeous sounds. The bridge has a powerful breakdown that throws galloping guitar riffs at you wave after wave completely knocking you off your seat. The structure is refreshing as it is constantly surprising you with new melodies and tempos.

"Nightmare" comes in with dark and beautiful acoustic riffs that are followed with angelic strings that float gently in the background. The vocals enter with a very mono tone clean vocal that bring a strong deathly feeling to the mix. Ravishing keyboards keep the track moving with their calm melodies. Later you're hit with monstrous growling vocals that include a pick up in speed for the kicks and snares. The drums start to throw complex fills at you that will absolutely blow your mind. Meanwhile fast pace guitar riffs come through and completely destroy you. Towards the middle of the track you'll come across a folk like melody played by a keyboard that really catches you off guard. It would be perfect if they played it with a fiddle or violin of some sort instead. It would add a very strong folky tone to the album. Some of the guitar riffs do start to pick up towards the end with more up beat tempos and melodies making you want to get up a mosh away until your feet bleed.

The band displays a very interesting mix of sounds in "Vicar Of God Of The Death." The first minute alone will have you hooked and begging for more. Ravishing piano riffs fly into the air with soothing string in the background. In between they add a few futuristic sound effects to the instruments panning the sounds from all directions. A deep chugging guitar soon comes blaring into the picture as the piano continues to hypnotize you deeper into the track. Then, when you're not looking, monstrous death metal growls come roaring in with overwhelming energy. You'll definitely want to have your devil horns up in the air for this one. The track runs for over eight minutes long giving you plenty of time to become obsessed.

"Gomorrah And Sodom" is broken up into two parts making these the last two tracks on the album. Part I is about four minutes long and does waste anytime. Chugging guitars toss you left and right as fast pace growls rush in completely beating you into the ground with relentless lyrics. It's galloping guitar patterns will have your blood pumping as you find yourself bobbing your head to the beat. Part II slows the tempo down with a simple drum beat and angelic piano riffs that'll absolutely take you breath away. The only thing that it could use to really put it over the top is a gorgeous female vocal. The beastly growls do the job none the less. The guitars give you all the melody you need to provide both depressive and aggressive tones.

"Cryotorment" really changes up between each track showing dark and light sides. Sinister Frost really mastered the whole beauty and the beast sound. Each song is well composed and gives you a little bit of everything that your looking for in a symphonic metal band. The only problem I had with the album is that I wish it were longer. The six tracks will leave you wanting so much more. Better jump to that repeat button!


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