Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Inborn Suffering - Regression To Nothingness (2012)

After six long years, Inborn Suffering has finally reawaken with the release of their new album, entitled "Regression To Nothingness." This is the bands second full length album six years was well worth the wait for it. The atmospheric death doom metal band from Paris, France, gives you everything and more. The recording quality is excellent, the growls are breath taking, the drums and double bass are overwhelming, and the guitars are fucking brutal.

The opening track, "Slumber Asylum," kicks off with monstrous chugging guitars and heavy drum rolls that'll rattle your sub woofers immediately. The progressive build up in the beginning of the song really has you on your toes as you're waiting for what's about to hit. The verse comes in with vicious growls that echo through the dark melodies sending chills down your spine. More punishing drum rolls rumble in with overwhelming detail in pattern. The vocals switch between dark growls and wretched screams. The gorgeous strings that float in the background really give you that beauty and the beast type of feel to the track. And if you think that this eight minute masterpiece is amazing than just wait til you get to the next couple of tracks. Most of them average to be about 12 to 13 minutes long.

"Born Guilty" comes in with roaring vocals and demonic guitar riffs that chug away violently beating you deep into the ground. The constant double bass pedal drumming will have you throwing up your devil horns and bobbing your head immediately. Reverb and delay effects linger on the growling vocals leaving them ringing in your head for days. The vocals also switch over to slow depressive spoken word. The mood stays the same however as you'll notice that the drums rolls and bass lines are non stop in the background. They constantly pound away at you giving you no time to even breath. Later comes more wretched screams that run right through you.

Slow haunting guitar riffs start off "Grey Eden." Mellow depressive spoken words take over the first verse a double bass drums slow start to fade in. This quickly switches the vocals over to monstrous growls that soar over the soothing keyboards and thumping kicks and snares. This is only for a brief minute as the spoken word comes back in only this time with distorted guitar blaring in the background. The drum fills get more and more ridiculous although the tempo stays the same. The drummer manages to fit insane blast beats into such a slow tempo'd part and yet it fits perfectly. You'll find more incredible drumming like this in "Regression To Nothingness." The slow progressive guitars chug away with demonic chords and depressive tempos however the drums add some pretty detailed rolls to the mix throughout the track. Meanwhile haunting keyboards take over the background with spooky melodies. Spoken word continues back and forth with the devilish growls keeping you at the edge of your seat at all times. The beat does start to pick up towards the middle of the track as the guitar riffs begin to get more demonic and gain more distortion.You'll notice that the song changes so much that you might lose track as to when you actually go into the next song. That's when you know an album is doing what it's supposed to do you definitely can get lost in a song like this. Then you'll come across the final track, entitled "Self Contempt Kings," which closes the album with nine minutes of raw, depressive metal with progressive builds that lead you right into thunderous drum rolls, cut throat guitar work and ominous vocals both growling and spoken word. Beautiful keyboards fade in and out revealing ravishing melodies in a calm mellow delivery as guitar riffs continue to rip you a new one along with relentless double bass pedal drumming and reckless cymbals that shatter from all directions. This ending track definitely leaves you begging for more.

Inborn suffering has really shown the metal world what they are made of with this new album. "Regression To Nothingness" contains some incredible material that will absolutely blow your mind. Progressive guitar riffs lure you into a whole other dimension full of atmospheric keyboards, sharp drum patterns, and violent growls that relentlessly pound you into the ground all at once. The vocals paint a beautiful image of dark depression and sadness that carry you throughout the entire album. The detailed structure of each song is outstanding connects the album perfectly. This is definitely a must hear album.


Official Site - http://inbornsuffering.bandcamp.com/
Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/inbornsuffering

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