Monday, July 23, 2012

Snailking - Samsara (2012)

Another powerful three piece steps into the world of metal and show's everyone their insane talent. Swedens' Snailking has recently released their new demo, entitled "Samsara" and it is everything you look for in a stoner sludge metal band. The powerful guitar riffs alone will have you bashing your head to the melody while the drums and bass reel you right into vicious shouting vocals.

The demo opens with a 14 and a half beast, entitled "Shelter." Sludge guitar riffs come blaring in with messy distortion. A basic drum pattern starts to pick up in the background giving you a solid beat to bob your head to. It starts off pretty progressive with the same few riffs in the beginning but eventually switches up about 4 minutes in. The drum rolls begin to get heavier along with more distortion that is added to the guitars. The vocals finally drop around the fifth minute sending a chill down your spine. The lyrics are delivered in a very harsh and aggressive tone that echoes throughout the track. You'll even been taken by surprise with the short growls that jump in and out of the middle of the track. The guitars stay heavy as the drums continue to pound you into the ground. You'll definitely be pumping your devil horns in the air at this time. You'll come across even darker guitar riffs with vicious distortion and a catchy tune. Make sure you have this track on high volume the entire time.

Some interesting reverse reverb starts off "In The Wake" adding a very futuristic and psychedelic sound to the mix. Gloomy sound effects also entire drawing a dark and unclear image. The drums waste no time as they jump right in with violent snare patterns and cymbals that splash recklessly in the background. The vocals step in soon after with more harsh shouting. Monstrous chugging guitars take over the background with consuming riffs that give you absolutely no time to breathe. The structure of the song is fantastic. The guitars change direction constantly while the drum patterns are constantly mixing things up as well. The track will leave you at the edge of your seat for sure.

The final track of the demo is "Samsara." This is the shortest of the tracks running at just over nine minutes long. Right away comes bone crushing riffs that will completely destroy your speakers. The verse cut right to the chase sending overwhelming shouting vocals with harsh tones. The surprise you with a wicked guitar solo in between the verses dropping wild melodic notes from all angles. The guitars continue to chug away as thunderous snares and kicks fire away behind them. The refrain has a little more of a melody to it even though the vocals are still shouting. The notes are held out longer giving you a chance to hear the guitars switch up in between. Overall this is definitely the heaviest of the tracks and will have you playing it over and over again.

Snailking gives you over 25 minutes of amazing music in this three track demo. The guitars waste no time getting straight to the point and blast anything that gets in their way. The vocals stay pretty constant and even add a few small surprises along the way. If this is what Snailking has to offer in just a short demo then I can't even imagine what a full length album would be like. Definitely check these guys out and experience it for yourself.


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