Thursday, July 19, 2012

Soundcrawler - Sandcrawler (2012)

Listing themselves as stoner metal, the band Soundcrawler has recently released their new album, entitled "Sandcrawler." The album consists of six solid tracks however i wouldn't quite call them stoner metal. They may have a few minor stoner influences but they definitely aim more towards a southern hard rock type of sound. Regardless what they are, the album is pretty solid.

The opening track, "A Truck On The Blazing Sands," starts with monstrous chugging guitars blaring with heavy distortion. The deliver a groovy southern sound to the mix and definitely get you pumped right off the bat. Crashing cymbals and relentless snares get you bobbing your head while smooth bass lines follow the guitars through the verse. Clean singing vocals come in with an old school type of feel. They're calm and yet direct and add aggression as the track goes on. "The Sandcrawler" starts out with wild guitar riffs and constant cymbals that blast away in the background. The upbeat tempo will have you throwing your devil horns up immediately. Towards the middle of the track comes a wicked bass solo that is followed by a melodic break down. The guitars have you leaning in all directions as they send powerful riffs at you from left to right. The drums pick up detail towards the end as constant toms and snares rumble heavily beneath you.

Things slow down drastically in "My Mind Is Going Away." Acoustic guitars take over with mellow tones and catchy melodies as soothing clean vocals step in. You'll definitely find yourself singing along after the first few minutes. About two and a half minutes in enters a wicked bass melody that completely hypnotizes you deep into the track. Eventually this relaxing track turns into an aggressive monster. The distortion comes roaring in with overwhelming drum rolls that pound you into the ground. By the end of the track you'll have forgotten all about the acoustic kick off.

"Escape" throws a quick bass line at you as hi hats follow and lead you right into monstrous chugging guitars. The heavy tones will have you up and stomping around for sure. The drum fills become more complex while the guitars get louder and louder with distortion. This three and a half minute instrumental leaves speechless and gives you no time to breath. The final track, "Redesign," opens with some funky bass lines followed by melodic guitar riffs and thunderous drums. The vocals continue to have a strong southern tone to them and fit perfect with the instruments around them.

Overall, "Sandcrawler" is a solid hard rock album with great recording quality and awesome structure. The track run perfectly into each other and each hold a unique sound separating them from the rest. This isn't going to reach anyone's top ten of the year list but it definitely has potential and makes Soundcrawler a band worth checking out.


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