Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DarkTribe - Mysticeti Victoria (2012)

The new band DarkTribe prepares you for a wild adventure with their new debut album, entitled "Mysticeti Victoria." The French four piece soars high and low with 11 overwhelming power metal tracks. The album will have you up and moving with its tremendous energy while it also provides a softer side sweeping you off your feet with gorgeous orchestration.

After a short intro track, the album kicks thing off with "Tiaji." Blaring guitar riffs fly by as dark strings take over the background. The drums waste no time with their mind blowing double bass pedals and shattering cymbals. Bass line rumble underneath the chugging guitars as the verse enters. Epic operatic male vocals step in and completely soar over all of the instruments. Their lead singer, Anthony Agnello, delivers excellent vocals as he hits high notes and yet stays aggressive during the lower end. His range of notes are outstanding. The chorus is full of catchy lyrics and melodies. You'll find yourself singing along in no time.

"Roma XXI" gives you more of an upbeat tone with its relentless snares and jolly melodies. More string take over the background displaying a beautiful image. The vocals come in strong with more clear lyrics as the guitars blast away with heavy distortion. The synths hold a very catchy note that you won't be able to help but hum to. Later you'll come across a wicked solo that jumps up and down the scale and delivers a happy melody that you're just going to want to dance to. The speed of the notes played are absolutely incredible. You'll find more amazing solos in songs like "Lightning Guide" and "Poison Of Life." "Poison Of Life" has a lot more aggression and speed as jack hammering snares and kicks come rolling in and completely knock you on your ass. The cymbals will have you bashing your head to the beat for sure. The synths take over and hypnotize you deep into the song. The verses start out with mellow vocals and light instruments as the drums slowly become heavier and heavier. This is definitely a must hear track.

You'll run into a groovy guitar melody in the beginning of "Eyes Have You." The track takes off as a ballad but slowly turns heavier as snapping snares and operatic vocals step in. Chugging guitars surround you with catchy chords making you want to throw up your devil horns. The final track, entitled "Life, Love, & Death" runs for over seven minutes long and is a track you do not want to miss. Machine gun drum rolls rumble away along with more chugging guitar riffs and thumping bass lines. Synths sooth out the background with epic chords and melodies as the vocals step in with more high pitched notes. Towards the end of the track comes an interesting twist between a guitar solo and a breakdown. You lead into a wild guitar solo at first as they drop note after note on your from all directions however then your hit with violent chugging guitar riffs as they switch over to a heavy breakdown. It is a unique song structure and definitely gave you something to really bash your head to at the end.

DarkTribe is a pretty solid power metal band that has tons of potential. "Mysticeti Victortia" set up the perfect surroundings for great vocals. The orchestration was right on par as well as the guitar solos and drum rolls. The band definitely stills has more room to grow but this is definitely a great step in the right direction. It will be interesting to see where they go from here as they try to prove to fans why they stand out above the rest.


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