Friday, August 24, 2012

Harpyie - Blindflug (2012)

Another young metal band strikes the German metal scene by the name Harpyie. This seven piece band packs a punch with all of their unique and unusually instruments and sounds. Even their image makes you do a double take. The band has released their debut album, entitled "Blindflug." Stunning bag pipes and addictive violins collide with hard hitting drum rolls and thunderous guitar riffs and solos. This will make you view folk metal from a whole other angle.

After a short introduction, the album bursts open with booming snares in "Hundertdreyssig." Wild melodic guitars blast away with distortion. The melodies are heavy and yet catchy at the same time. You won't know whether you should dance or mosh. The vocals are clean and have a strong folk delivery. Meanwhile the background is filled with jolly bag pipes and violins. The instrumentation in this album is absolutely mind blowing. "Niemand Meer" uses a solid violin riff in the beginning that will have you whistling along in no time. The tempo is a bit slower yet it still has that positive feel to it.

Towards the middle of the album you'll come across "Blindlug" which displays some gorgeous strings along with detailed drum rolls and shattering cymbals. The vocals continue to have an upbeat tone as the lyrics are delivered in German. The chorus contains some great chugging guitar riffs and catchy vocal melodies. If I spoke German I would definitely be singing along. You'll come across a short bridge where the violin really takes over the shows off some angelic notes while violent drums rumble heavily behind them. "Hexe Und Halunken" has some incredible drumming that you definitely can't miss. The insane fills hat crash right into the beginning verse beats you right into the ground and gives you no time to even breath. The melody is a very familiar one. It definitely came from a well known song and they just added their own metal twist to it. This is definitely a fun track that you don't want to miss.

The final track, "Irrlichter," closes out the album with a slower, more emotional tone. Crying bag pipes and violins wrap around you with mellow sounds and beautiful melodies. The tempo slows down drastically compared to what you heard throughout most of the album. The vocals deliver a passionate sound and take you by surprise with the mix of female vocals as well. They layer on top of the regular vocals in the chorus perfectly and add a lot more feeling to the track. And of course to top things off, they include a gorgeous guitar solo that will completely take your breath away. Definitely make sure you check this track out.

Harpyie has a solid line up of talented musicians and "Blindflug" really shows that. The instrumentation will sweep you off your feet the minute you hear it. All of the different types of instruments and melodies really brighten up the track and keep the band sounding unique. The vocals are a little weak at times and could probably use some tuning but besides that the album is pretty well built. Definitely take some time and check out this wild adventure.


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