Friday, August 10, 2012

Thira - The Ascension Construct (EP) (2012)

Making a go at the industrial heavy metal scene, a fairly new band by the name Thira has stepped forward to new material. The band has released a new EP, entitled "The Ascension Construct." It's got some powerful guitar riffs that chug away in your face non stop through its entirety. Explosive drum rolls and shattering cymbals is another key element that may really catch your ear.

The first track, entitled "Release," starts off with futuristic sound effects that quickly jump right into monstrous guitar riffs and wicked deep screaming vocals. The riffs chomp away at you with dominating chugging riffs while your beaten into the ground with thunderous double bass pedal kicks and snapping snares. The first half of this track will completely destroy you with its heavy riffs and beastly vocals. The second half changed up completely as it takes the distorted guitar riffs down a notch. Also the vocals switch to a few clean verses before going back to the wretched screams. The break down starts to lean a little more toward towards the hardcore side of things with heavy breakdowns that sound solid but are very basic patterns. I think a wild solo would have done the job a lot better.

"The Corroded" opens with some funky sound effects that pan left and right constantly as drums slowly fade in with light cymbal patterns. The trippy keyboards lead you right into powerful guitar riffs that blast away at you with dark melodies. The vocals definitely have the power to knock you off your seat. You'll find similar vocals in "Left To Kneel." Punishing lyrics come through and completely destroy you right off the bat. They manage to include more futuristic sound effects that blend in well with the crushing guitar riffs and thumping bass lines. The breakdown towards the middle of the track is overwhelming with bass and distortion however i feel that a wicked solo would have done a solid job yet again. The vocals start to get a little eerie when the clean vocals step in carrying an evil tone to the mix. The strings in the background add on to the haunting sounds and will leave you flinching yet wanting more.

The fourth track, "In Sinking Earth," is the shortest track on the EP running for just under four minutes long. It wastes no time jumping right back into the verses blasting harsh screaming growls at you from all directions. It definitely packs a punch with its groovy bass lines and odd sounding guitar riffs. The drumming definitely picks up as well. Each beat becomes more complex and louder knocking you on your ass. "Through The Collapse" is the final track on the EP and definitely finishes you off after being beaten into a pulp for the passed four tracks. Fast chugging guitar riffs will have you throwing up your devil horns an pumping you fists in the air immediately. The tempo of the song changes up a few different times keeping things refreshing. You'll definitely be hooked as you wait to see what hits you next. The complex breakdown towards the middle of the track makes the whole thing worth hearing. Relentless double bass pedals drill you into the ground non stop while the vocals go off on a rampage. Definitely make sure you check this track out.

Overall, Thira is pretty straight forward with their music. The have a solid sound that repeats again and again in each track. The songs are powerful and full of groovy bass lines and punchy kick drums however they never really step outside the box. They need to add a little more creativity if they plan on standing out from other bands. Otherwise people will just rather hear Fear Factory instead. Either way, this EP is definitely worth a shot.


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