Monday, August 20, 2012

Viter - Springtime (2012)

Coming out of the blue with a very unique sound and mix of genres is the band Viter from the Ukraine. The band uses many different instruments and effects that really help them stand out from other bands. They just released their new album, entitled "Springtime." The album mashes folk melodies with industrial sounds that actually come out sounding rather pleasant.

The album opens with "Wool Fish Love(Mountain Valley, Mountain Hills)" which starts with soothing strings and acoustic guitar riffs. Distorted guitars take over when the verse begins. The vocals have a very strong medieval delivery while tons of unique instruments play behind them. The drums have a very upbeat tempo giving off a jolly sound. The chorus has a catchy melody and lyrics and will definitely have you humming along the first time you hear it.

"The Night Is So Moonlit" has a little more of an aggressive side to it. It opens with blasting guitar riffs and violent drum rolls that'll have you pumping your fists immediately. The vocals have a solid delivery especially in the verses as the the clean singing sweeps you off your feet with gorgeous melodies. The flutes in the background are absolutely ravishing as well. You can find more of these beautiful instruments in "For The Fire." It jumps right into a slow mellow verse with barely anything in the background. The vocals rock you to sleep with angelic lyrics. About a minute and a half into the track come exploding drum fills and electrifying guitar riffs. Captivating strings surround you with beauty as well. Later you even come across a magnificent flute solo that is absolutely stunning. You'll definitely find yourself going back to this track.

The album becomes even more epic with "Diving Deep" which sounds like it could be used in a score to movie. The strings that build up in the beginning sound absolutely amazing. They cross with short flute melodies that go along perfectly. Then distorted guitars come in adding more build up to the beginning. Eventually the instruments drop as a mellow vocal steps in with a gentle delivery. Flutes slowly back them up with the same melody. The refrain comes in later with epic strings that soar high in the air. The vocals jump into a higher octave as well. You won't be able to help but sing along with them.

"Cold And Frozen" gets your blood pumping again with fast pace chugging guitars and wild flute melodies. Booming drum rolls rumble heavily beneath you with vicious fills. The vocals step in with more clean singing vocals that have a little more aggression to them. They include some awesome keyboards and synths in the chorus that'll take you by surprise as well. The strings in the middle of the track are absolutely stunning and definitely hypnotize you deeper into the track. Towards them end of the album you'll come across "Day Eats Day." This track is definitely a must hear track. The beginning opens with more beautiful strings and guitars that immediately pull you in. The vocals have a somewhat haunting sound them at first as you'll notice that they are layered with dark guitar riffs. The upbeat flutes add the more cheery side to the track. You won't know whether you should mosh or dance to this one.

I must admit when I first listened to "Springtime" I wasn't very impressed however after listening a few more times I started to see the beauty in the album. Songs like "For The Fire," "Diving Deep," and "Day Eats Day" definitely pull you closer to the album every time you hear them. Viter definitely has a unique sound that makes them well worth checking out. Keep an eye on what this creative group does next.


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