Wednesday, September 5, 2012

APVTH - The Necropolis (2012)

Awesome symphonic black metal music out of Montreal, Canada?! I never would have guessed. APVTH, originally known as A Psycho Voyage Through Hell, has come out with their new album, entitled "The Necropolis." This is the bands third full length album and it contains 8 darkened orchestrated tracks that will blow your mind. Wicked screeching growls backed up by angelic strings and synths and melodic guitars is what this band is all about.

The album opens up with overwhelming guitar riffs that are piled on top of each other throwing you into a world of chaos right from the get. Stings float in the background wild fast drum rolls send double bass patterns and clashing cymbals flying at you. After about a minute in, the instruments mellow out as eerie keyboard come in with dark melodies. The vocals kick off the verse with fast pace black metal screeching. They are covered in filters and reverb giving off a real devilish feel to the track. Raging guitar riffs come soaring back in with mind blowing guitar riffs that run up and down musical scale. The song ends with keyboard melodies that contain some interesting reverse reverb sound effects that add a very dark feel as it comes to an end.

You're then hit with a complex drum opener smashing toms and snares recklessly as the guitars quickly join in afterwards. Relentless snares beat you into the ground giving absolutely no time to breath. This cuts right into the verse with more ominous growls and screeches. The refrain contains some catchy riffs and a light female vocal that hums gently in the background. This definitely gives you that beauty and the beast type of tone. "Revolt And Crucify" comes rushing in with fast pace drum patterns and quick chugging guitar riffs. The vocals knock you off your feet with their violent delivery and screechy tones. In between each verse is this gorgeous set of strings that are accompanied by angelic piano notes that will completely hypnotize you deep into the track. This little break will have you hooked and hitting the repeat button immediately.

You'll come across some angelic instrumentals later throughout the album. "Corpus Hermeticum" and "Valley Of Kings" place you in a whole other world with their beautiful riffs and sound effects. "Valley Of Kings" runs for over four minutes long and has an amazing build up of instruments. The string surround you with comfort while monstrous guitars blast you in the face. The orchestration in this track is absolutely phenomenal.

The final track is actually just an extended version of the first track, "War Machine." They add about a minute and a half onto the track and give a little more of an orchestrated background. Most of the beginning of the track stays the same as the original but soothing flutes and keyboards close out the last minute. They should have just made this track one and left the album at a total of seven tracks.

APVTH has its own sound of unique structures and melodies that really help them stand apart of others. "The necropolis" contains some insane drumming and incredible guitar work that'll definitely have you wanting more. It's topped off with great orchestrated instruments and some powerful and demonic vocals. This is an album worth checking out. You won't be disappointed!


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