Thursday, September 13, 2012

Evocation - Illusions Of Grandeur (2012)

Keeping consistency in albums, the five piece death metal band Evocation has released their fifth album, entitled "Illusions Of Grandeur." The album contains 10 monstrous tracks that will leave you devastated after the first time you hear it. Each track runs perfectly into the next. You'll even come across a few surprises as you get deeper into the track.

The album opens with "Illusions Of Grandeur" which rolls in with screaming guitar riffs at wicked fast speeds. Relentless double bass pedals and snapping snares echo in the background with violent fills. Cymbals shatter recklessly behind them. The tempo is very fast as venomous growls step into the verses. The lyrics will completely bash you into the ground and give you no time to breath. Later you'll come across a monstrous break down that includes melodic guitars and exploding drum rolls that will have you up and moshing in no time. If this first track is something you like then prepare to be hooked by the entire album.

"Well Of Despair" picks up right where the last track left off. Dominating drum patterns come rushing in with more fast tempos. The fills in this track are absolutely mind blowing. You'll find much detail in the snares and toms especially. Meanwhile the guitars are chugging away with viking like melodies. The great thing about the vocals is that most of them are fairly clear and easy to understand. You may even find yourself quoting the lyrics throughout the track. The guitar solo towards the end of this masterpiece is what will really grab you. Catchy melodic notes float through the air with ease as the drums and cymbals take a short break. The refrain picks up one last time before the song finally comes to an end.

More fast pace melodic guitar riffs come through in "Perception Of Reality" and "Metus Odium." The chugging patterns in the guitars is quite addicting and will have you bobbing your head from start to finish. Constant double bass pedals rumble violently beneath you as more vicious growls tear you to shreds. Later you'll come across a short track, entitled "I'll Be Your Suicide." It runs for only two minutes and 54 seconds long but it definitely pack a punch. Booming double bass pedal drumming and thunderous toms and snares will completely rattle your brain. The guitars throw a lot of different melodies at you as well. You'll find yourself hitting the replay button over and over again.

By now you may be thinking, "Some of these track definitely seem to have some strong influences by the band Amon Amarth." Well it turn out, later in the album you'll come across the song "Into Submission" which actually features Johan Hegg who is the lead vocalist of the band. This is actually what caught my eye when i first looked at the track listing of the this album. The track will knock you out of your chair with its beastly growls that soar high over the guitars and drums. The guitars deliver catchy chugging melodies that you could definitely picture in an Amon Amarth song for sure.

The only issue that I have with "Illusions OF Grandeur" is that after a while, some of the tracks start to sound the same. Almost every track opens with the same exact distortion and same melodies. The album is definitely heavy and will definitely have your blood pumping but I think they need to change up some of the opening riffs of certain tracks. Besides that Evocation delivers some incredible double bass drum patterns and insane growling vocals. The album is definitely worth checking out, especially if you're not familiar with them.


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