Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Arctic Sleep - Arbors (2012)

Arctic Sleep is a fairly young band from the U.S. that has really started to get some recognition for their sound. They have recently released their brand new studio album, entitled "Arbors." It's ten tracks long and is full of incredible post metal tunes. They manage to give a lot of their tracks a very atmospheric sound as well. Mellow clean vocals add a very spacious sound as well. 

Right off the bat you're hit with an outstanding four minute introduction, entitled "Avenue Of The Giants." It's got violent chugging riffs and booming drum rolls and yet also delivers catchy chords that will have you humming along immediately. "Geneva" follows with  detailed toms and snares and a messy distorted bass line. Monstrous guitar riffs come blasting in with a slow and beautiful atmospheric tone. Vocals are finally introduced as soothing clean vocals come through with a real whisper performance. The track is very laid back and relaxing but also very addicting as well. Then you come across "Black Moth," which starts out very slow and very gloomy with its unique sounds and space rock effects. The drums really begin to take off about a minute and a half into the track. Double bass pedals come stomping in along with complex snare patterns and shattering cymbals. The vocals continue with their gentle delivery and catchy melodies. The track takes a turn about four minutes in when the instruments completely change their tune and start out quietly. They start to build with drums that get louder and louder keeping you at the edge of your seat. The guitars give you a mean breakdown as the drums go off on a rant destroying everything in their sight. Each fill becomes more destructive as the tempo picks up and the double bass pedals become more rapid. This is definitely an awesome track to check out.

"Pine Mountain" seems to come in and completely knock you on your ass with its overwhelming guitar riffs and exploding drumming. Relentless cymbals collide in the background while snares and kick drums pound away at you. The vocals waste no time as the verse immediately starts with more calm clean singing that really surrounds you with angelic tones. The track really pulls you in two different directions between wanting to mosh and wanting to relax. "Timber" takes a break from guitars and vocals and has some interesting drum rolls from what sounds like a bunch of bongo drums layered together at different speeds and patterns. Then things pick right back up in "Valley Of Poison" with more spacious guitar riffs and light vocals.

"Arbors" has a very unique sound to it overall. It definitely has some addicting riffs and vocals that you will be singing along with throughout the album. It's powerful guitars and drums keep it well balanced with both fast and slow tempos along with great song structure. Arctic Sleep has really taken the world by surprise with their talent. This is definitely a must hear album.


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