Thursday, November 15, 2012

Artist Profile: Appalachian Winter

When Sorrow Eternal began on a warm March night in 2011, we never would have predicted the amount of fun and great music we would be exposed to. There have been a cast of characters that we have encountered, with some of them earning a place in our mental Hall Of Fame. And, perhaps more than anyone else, Dan Klyne has not only earned enshrinement, but is the first name that comes up when people ask us about our work.

From his cabin in the Pennsylvania wilderness, this multi-instrumentalist has been creating symphonic black metal for years... and giving it all away for free! The moniker of Appalachian Winter has become synonymous with the "beauty and the beast" dynamic we mention so often, combining a wide array of guitars, mandolins, keys, drums, and vocals. And the beauty of it all is that Dan has garnered praise from all over the globe, without a single second or dollar of promotion to get there. If that doesn't speak volumes, I don't know what will.

But take away the music, and what you have is a man who loves what he does. That alone would earn him a place in our Hall. And if you still haven't heard him, or simply aren't convinced, listen to the interview below. You will laugh. And you will enjoy every second of it. Keep your ears open for what comes next. You won't want to miss it.

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