Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Playlist 12/11/12: Melodic death, of course

December 11, 2012

Death metal doesn't have to be all growling and guttural vocals. Sometimes, you can infuse a healthy does of melody to the mix, and take things to an entirely new place. Some of the best and most complete bands in the world subscribe to this theory, and it shows in the wave of new melodic death and folk bands that have emerged this year. Get yourself familiar with the sights and sounds with this playlist.

The TrackList:

Eluveitie - Thousandfold
Ensiferum - In My Sword I Trust
Lyceum - Armada
Insomnium - Where The Last Wave Broke
Dark Tranquility - The Grandest Accusation
Barren Earth - The Curse Of The Red River
Amorphis - Towards And Against
Brymir - Unconquerable
Dethklok - Burn The Earth
Novembre - Cobalt Of March

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