Sunday, December 9, 2012

Top 5 New Artists of 2012

Every year is sure to produce its fair share of bands to watch. And while the veterans always make a play for your top albums, there may be an unfamiliar name or two that dominated your time. So, here are the five best new bands to cross the desks of Sorrow Eternal. Keep your ears open, because great things are coming.

5. The Deadstation
At first glance, the entire concept of The Deadstation might seem like a gimmick or a joke. A dystopian TV station, broadcasting episodes in the form of the band's EPs? It sounds out there, and it is. But behind the front is a band with immense talent. With so many of the world's best bands coming from outside our borders, it is always refreshing to see a band from the US making waves with big ideas, and even bigger instrumentals. On "Episode 01: Like Peering Into The Deepest Ocean Abyss." you find a band that is focused and ready to change the face of heavy music.

4. Winter Gate
As the global metal scene expands and evolves, it only makes sense that bands like Winter Gate have a chance to explode. Playing a style of progressive metal that is, indeed, old school, these four men from Jaipur, India have all of the talent and all of the tools to follow in the steps of the titans of the genre. When Justin made the Opeth comparison, we knew this band was something very special. And "Disillumination" was the proof.

3. The Massacre Cave
A small white envelope came in the mail. A single CD-R of "The Ninth Wave," shipped from across the Atlantic. But more than the disc came the sound of four Scottish lads who have a tight grip on melodic thrash. Every riff hit home, every vocal had an edge. Brothers Ben and Joe Cormack have the best band from the isle of Eigg, and one of the best coming out of the UK today.

2. Lyceum
We got lucky. When we received an e-mail from Concord, California based Lyceum, we didn't know what to expect. But after listening to their demo, a three song outing, it was clear that we had just been invited onto the ground floor of a rising star. With lyrics that defy the stereotypes of metalheads and a set of instrumentals that are as catchy as they are heavy, there is no doubt that this five piece will be making Album Of The Year contenders for a long time to come.

1. Atoma
One look at the artwork to "Skylight," and you can be assured that an epic journey awaits you. Combining electronic elements with the traditional tenets of a wealth of metal subgenres, Atoma have mastered every aspect of their sound. With an album that flirts with perfection released as their debut, where do you go from here?

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