Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jizzlobber - Jizzlobber (EP) (2012)

Jizzlobber. Take a minute to let that name sink in for you. I'll wait. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can move beyond the ten letter moniker that would make your grandmother blush, and delve deeply into the sound that is fast becoming a French staple. With roots in Colmar, in the north of France, four piece stoner sludge metal outfit Jizzlobber have already turned numerous heads with their outrageous and highly entertaining style. Compared by reputable media outlets to Mastodon, Baroness, and even Faith No More, it would be hard to convince yourself that you aren't curious. But even with all those heavy hitters attached to their sound, they have carved out a niche all their own, playing high risk, high reward rock and roll that often borders on obscene good. On their debut self titled EP,  they will do more than make you say their name; they'll make you like it

With little more than a few cymbal crashes as an intro, "(interceptor) heat combustion" kicks directly into high gear. But what seems like it may be a one dimensional punk rock infused thrill ride is anything but, slowing down into a psychedelic crawl front loaded with some of the most devilish and dirty guitar riffs you could expect. And as heavy as those echoing chords are, they are supplanted only by ringing bass strings. Paired with a vocal line that is raw and often times ear piercing, you have a recipe for something entirely awe inspiring. If you feel the need to pass along one song to justify to your friends and family that a band with such a bold name is worth listening to, you need only send a link to the insanely executed "2.20 AM." As impressive as the instrumental itself is - and I assure you it truly is - it is the vocals that deliver the biggest punch. With all of the unrefined quality of Baroness, but the melodic touches of Chris Cornell, you have something that would be matched as well with a classic grunge track as it does the stomping stoner metal it sees here.

Much like its name portrays, "glorious" is exactly that. With a solid two minutes of stomping guitars riffs to open things up, it is no surprise that every step of the way is hard wired to inspire fists to be raised into the air. And as the vocals enter, things go to an entirely new level, demanding your head to move along to the thrashing beats. You would be hard pressed to find a band of this style that has given you a more permanent case of whiplash. The darting notes of the breakdown section, partnered with the tapping of cymbals, leave you dizzy and dazed, struggling to find which way is up. It is the versatility that keeps you completely attached as the tracks go by, something that "hamming code" seems to prove. The pulsing kick drums pop through your speakers, welcoming some amelodic screams, that soon evolve into more polished singing. It would be difficult not hear classic, 90's era American rock in some of those clean passages, The music is unpredictable, taking turns in tempo and tone when you think you'be got it all figured out. Rounding out the five is the shortest track on the album, "nerd." But unlike so many finales, this one plays like an opener. High energy and even higher volume, the band manages to balance that aggression with intricate musicianship. Look no further than the two minute mark for the start of an atmospheric, albeit heavy, breakdown. What better way to end it all than a piece of thrashing organized chaos.

We've often asked that rhetorical question, "what's in a name?" Are we so simple minded that we can be turned on or off to a band solely based on the name they print on their album cover? Yes. Yes, we are. So sufficed to say, we need to be shaken out of that habit every now and again. By the time you've made it through the five tracks on this self titled EP, you can now somehow justify to yourself and the people around you that Jizzlobber is the perfect name for this band, and that no one should even think twice about it. And while certain public decency standards in the US might prevent you from talking about your love of all things Jizzlobber in a public place, we have a duty as the switched on, plugged in metalheads that we are to spread the gospel. Whisper, speak clearly, or shout it from the rooftops; but friends don't let friends miss out on the stoner sludge stylings of Jizzlobber.  


Bandcamp - http://jizzlobber.bandcamp.com
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/Jizzlobberband

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