Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ade - Spartacus (2013)

Last year Ex Deo released “Caligvla”, which was an incredible foray into melodic, Roman-themed metal. It was an improvement over their first album in every way. This year another Roman-themed endeavor emerges. This band is ADE. Unlike Ex Deo however, ADE is actually from Rome and are much heavier. What sets them apart even more is their use of classic Roman instruments to create a sound and a vibe that is unmatched. Their second album “Spartacus” improves everything from their first one and then some. Sporting tight production, headbanging riffs and an amazing use of a lyra, this is one album that should not be missed.

When the album kicks off with “Betrayer From Thrace,” it’s evident that this isn’t just another run-of-the-mill death metal album. It’s an album that wants to take over the genre. No band out there blends modern metal with a classic Roman sound like ADE does. “Sanguine Pluit in Arena” starts off calm then just explodes into death metal played with skill and precision. The guest drumming of George Kollias adds an intensity that few drummers can imitate. “The Endless Runaway” and “Crixius Flags of Dishonor” continue the album along at a fantastic pace. The album really starts to pick up with “Duelling the Shadow of Spartacus." It might just be the best song on the album. It starts off with one hell of a riff that will automatically make anybody bang their head to. The whole song is unrelenting, razor sharp and is played with precision that other bands wished they had. “Mars Unpredictable Favor” is probably their most epic sounding song on the album. “Decimate the Coward,” “Six Thousand Crosses,” and “Divinitus Victor” all keep the flow of the album going, but are completely overshadowed by the closing track, “For Everything to Be the Same…” They aren’t bad tracks at all but, but compared to the experimental genius of the final track, they pale in comparison. “For Everything to Be the Same…” has everything a closing song on an album like this should have. It slows down a bit for the beginning riff, but picks speed starting halfway through, proving ADE is here to stay and they will take no prisoners.

Saying that I’m impressed with ADE’s new opus would be an understatement. Comparing it to Ex Deo’s “Caligvla” would be criminal because they really aren’t the same genre. Ex Deo is much slower and more melodic. While ADE sounds like Felshgod Apocalypse’s evil cousin that took cultural history lessons in Rome. There is not one bad track on this album, and not one song kills the flow. This album is damn near perfect. Anyone who is a fan of death metal needs to listen to this pronto. And if anyone refuses, I’ll send Spartacus’ shadow after you.


- Brian DuBois

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