Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Podcast: Episode 83 (Happy Metal Mother's Day... or something)

Today is the day we like to thank our mothers for carrying our lazy fetus-asses around for nine months, birthing us, and putting up with our shit for God knows how many years. I suggest we celebrate not only our own mothers, but the headbanging mothers across the world. To do that, I sat down in a brief period of rest to discuss the albums of the week, the mixed bag that we call our content. The week started with the powerful performance of German collective The Ocean before starting the rollercoaster ride. Belgium based Drunar gave all of our audio engineering friends a guide on how not to record an album. Dark Moor made Brian literally piss his pants with joy. But the end of the week saw us touch on bands not quite ready for prime time, with Jason Newsted's new band falling flat, and Italian band Trinakrius simply going too long to be effective. By the law of averages, that says next week will be better than the last.

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