Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Podcast: Episode 87 (Youth comes to take the throne)

Is the passing of the torch a real phenomena in metal, or are we just imagining things? It seems like the best bands of the last few years have started to fade, and new bands must step in to take their place every day. This week, Sleepwalkers proved that they have the talent and the power to be the top death/doom band in America, while Nymronaut gave us a thick blend of space rock and sludge on their new EP. Tristania may still have the same name, but it may be time to move on after their latest effort. Exthenia gave us a taste of some youth-infused guitar wizardry, while the return of a familiar face gave the new Northsong album a lift into a new stratosphere. Young to old and young again, I guess.

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