Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Podcast: Episode 93 (Change is in the air.... an introduction to people)

After so many episodes sitting by himself, Darrell has once again welcomed people on the podcast for the first, in what hopes to be many, group ordeals. With the aid of three microphones, a few cables and adapters, and a four track analog recorder (gotta preserve that warmth), episode 93 is the time and the place. Brian joins us, fresh off his series of successful and detailed reviews of acts like Elessar. With him, he brings the new webmaster in charge of building our official home at, Rachel. We talk Elessar and The End, and wonder what place emotion has in music; does it lift the music itself, or is it carried by said music.

A special thanks are in order to Dan Klyne, the mastermind of Appalachian Winter, for allowing us to use his music in our intro and outro. The song, for those who have been under a large rock for the last two years is "Solitude," from his self titled 2011 album.

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