Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gojira - From Mars To Sirius (2005)

Looking for something to snack on? “From Mars To Sirius” is some excellent ear candy.

The album opens up with “Ocean Planet,” delivering large amounts of bass and incredible drum fills. Then followed by “Backbone,” which I would say is literally the backbone of this album. It consists of constant, heavy chugging through out the song, which will leave your head nodding from start to finish. Wicked fast double bass petals and powerful guitar riffs clashing together to form a beast.

Things calm down for bit with the instrumental, “Unicorn,” which I feel really gave some structure to the album. It gives you a chance to catch up and embrace the first 3 hard hitting tracks.

But then, of course, things pick up again with “Where Dragons Dwell” and “The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe.” Heavy distorted guitars and bone crushing vocals. You might want to turn your speakers up for these two.

The last song on the album, “Global Warming,” brings a little bit of everything to the table. It starts out dark and slow, with some clean singing and repetitive guitar riffs. However, it then drops into some heavier chugging and aggressive vocals. A good 7 minutes and 50 seconds of pure dirty guitar work. It’s great when you can incorporate all of this creativity into one track. It really leaves a solid imprint in the back of your mind.

Out of all of Gojira’s albums, I have to say this one tops them all, but who knows what they have in store for us next!


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