Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stratovarius - Elysium (2011)

If you’re looking for symphonic power metal at its best then look no further…

Stratovarius has struck the metal world yet again with their thirteenth studio album, “Elysium,” throwing melodic riffs and high and low use of vocals from all directions. With every creative verse comes an epic solo that is followed by an orchestrated background that will knock you on your ass. Songs like “Infernal Maze“ and “Event Horizon” blast through the record with high speeds and incredible accuracy. This is what is known as true power metal.

My personal favorite, “Move the Mountain,” starts off dark and eerie, but slowly opens to a beautiful story. The riffs will remain stuck in your head for days, as I found my self constantly whistling the solo that follows the second chorus in the song.

Now, a Stratovarius album always comes with that one solid 15+ minute song of greatness. Track 9, the title track “Elysium,” is that song. Verse after verse, solo after solo, the structure of this epic masterpiece changes again and again. Timo Kotipelto’s pitch varies back and forth from calm and mellow, to loud and sharp. As it plays just over 18 minutes long, the tempo builds slowly. Before you know it, the song ends, leaving you begging for more. Thank god there’s a replay button on your iPod, because your going to want to hear this one over and over again.

As always, Stratovarius delivers another mind blowing album.


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