Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Death Angel - Relentless Retribution (2010)

Thrash, thrash, thrash! This is what the Filipino-American metal band Death Angel is all about. Coming out of Concord, California, the band has released their sixth studio album, entitled "Relentless Restribution." The album is full of high flying guitars and speedy tempos. Most of the music was written by their guitarist, Rob Cavestany, although he shared the lyrical writings with the lead singer, Mark Osegueda. Together they have managed to come up with another impressive thrash album for all to enjoy.

They start things off with the song "Relentless Revolution," which is packed with powerful guitar riffs and killer drum fills. The double bass drumming in this track will completely destroy you as you are hit with a wall of kicks and snares layered with violent cymbals crashing left to right. The vocals contain some amazing clean singing that present aggression and powerful words. Lyrics like "Relentless revolution, join us or step aside" show strong feeling and solid leadership within the bands music.

"Claws In So Deep" is the second track on the album and runs for about 7 minutes and 45 seconds. The chorus is clean and catchy while the verses hold a more violent and reckless sound to them. Heavy chugging guitars follow after the verses leaving you rocking your head constantly. The refrain contains expeditious guitar chords while the drumming is also rapid, as snares are thrown at you repeatedly. About half way through the song is a breathtaking guitar solo that will rip your head off! Five minutes into the song, the structure changes and the drums fade out. Soothing guitars take over the silence as beautiful melodic notes surround the quiet atmosphere.

They speed things up again with "Truce." The song contains tons of melodic changes throughout which really keeps you hooked. The guitar solos played in this track are godly, and yet they make it sound so easy. The only issue with this song is that its only 3 and a half minutes long. However, you are immediately greeted with the vicious guitars from "Into The Arms Of Righteous Anger." This song will have you pumping your fist non stop, while the bass lines and drum patterns take you to a whole different world of sound. This song definitely requires a mosh pit and at least 15 other people.

The guitars in "River Of Rapture" will completely beat the shit out of your ear drums with rapid minor chords and insane speed in guitar picking. The deafening solos will consume you as the guitars throw screechy harsh notes from all directions. "Death Of The Meek" is another song with monstrous guitars that will shatter your skull to pieces. Even "I Chose The Sky" contain layers and layers of distorted guitars that are both compelling and influential. The solo in this track is fast but at the same time dark and ominous. The drum fills are ridiculous as they continue to pound at you and give you no time to rest.

The mighty Death Angel has really out done themselves with "Relentless Retribution," as they showed their constant speed and aggression combined with their wicked vocals and dominant lyrics. The album offers everything and more when it comes to the violent genre of thrash metal. This is definitely an inspiring and exhilarating album you won't want to skip out on.


Official Site - http://deathangel.us/
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