Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hinsidig - I en Tidløs Høst (2010)

Don't let the wretched recording scare you away from this one. Hinsidig, an atmospheric black metal band from Tyskland, Norway, is another one of those band that can really pull off the unclear, nonprofessional recording. They prove this in their new album, "I en Tidløs Høst," which is full of passionate melodic guitars, explosive drumming, and throat choking vocals.

"Syndflod," track two, is a ten minute masterpiece that metal fans are always looking forward to. The guitars fill the air with darkness and beauty. Certain parts of the song are so demonic and evil while other parts offer gorgeous guitar riffs. The growling vocals stay aggressive and echo loudly throughout the track. There is even a part where they layer the growling with soft, clean, angelic vocals. This adds a darkened, beautiful side to the song. You will definitely want to listen to this one all the way through.

Track three, "Livets Sløs," opens with epic guitar riffs, again adding much beauty to the album but in an evil way. The vocals quickly capture you with their haunting growls. Also pay close attention to the drumming as you'll find that the fills behind the verses are consuming and very impressive.

"Broderskapets Ring" offers some interesting piano parts and also has some clean spoken words that add variety to the album, as the vocals leave a ghostly feel to the mix. There is also lots of ravishing strings within the bridge that give light to the dark. "Dauding" is another song with multiple similarities. More clean vocals are added only this time they are in a more melodic order. They also incorporate some raw, poisonous growling which play well to the clean vocals. Repeated guitar riffs make this so catchy and irresistible. The song is fast and full of energy which you'll notice is a lot different then what they have played in the first few tracks. This is one of those songs that you will be rocking your head to.

"Gudsforlatt" is nothing short of well written depressive, atmospheric black metal at its best. Ravishing guitars mixed with demonic riffs create a magnificent image of good and evil. So much emotion is given off during the refrain, as the violent strength of the vocals fall gently over the alluring guitars and heavy bass lines. What adds even more greatness to this song is that you get to enjoy it for over 8 and a half minutes straight.

Seeing that most of the songs average to about 7 minutes long, you can really take the time to understand the band and feel what they felt when they were writing and recording the album. So many changes throughout "I en Tidløs Høst" offer the listener so much, that it's almost overwhelming to take it all in at once. It's good to see that new bands are still able to produce amazing and yet unique music.


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