Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Podcast: Episode 14 (The POW in Power Metal)

So, here we are again. Hell22 wants to shed some light on The Howling Void and Echoterra, and the gang fawns over Alcest once again. Murmaider gets all warm and fuzzy talking about the new Mastodon track, "Black Tongue," and we wonder if the rumors are true.... is there really no growling or screaming in the new Opeth album? "The Devil's Orchard" seems to indicate exactly that! Near and dear to our hearts, we feel the need to talk about power metal. Whether you love it or hate it, power metal is the gateway to so many other things. Murmaider wouldn't be the metal maniac he is today without the symphonic, operatic, and empowering themes. Right? Right.