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Slayer - World Painted Blood (2009)

For those of you wondering if Slayer still has it in them to deliver a monstrous album, well "World Painted Blood" screams "hell yes." After getting some negative feedback from a lot of fans about their previous album, "Christ Illusion," Slayer has really bounced back with this 2009 release. It's the bands 11th studio album and they've gone through a lot of different styles to get to where they are today. This album has a little bit of everything, yet still offers their original sound keeping everyonem both new fans and old, satisfied.

The album starts off bursting with massive amounts of bass in the song "World Painted Blood." This is over five minutes of Slayer doing what they do best. The build up in the beginning introduces the song perfectly as it quickly picks up the tempo with violent guitar riffs and fast vocals. The chorus will ring in your head for days as the lyrics are followed by a catchy melody of distorted notes. There is barely any rest between kicks as they are constantly pounding away in the background. The bridge does, however, slow down for a brief second as lead singer, Tom Araya, speaks in an angry tone as he delivers some harsh lyrics. The final verse picks up as the song speeds up again. The chorus gets louder and more reckless each time its repeated. Such a solid way to start off this monster of an album.

The next couple of tracks will completely knock you on your ass as "Unit 731" is nothing but blaring guitar riffs layered with shattering cymbals and rapid kick/snare action. This is two and a half minutes of pulverizing thrash metal. And the great thing is, it's followed by "Snuff" which starts off with a hell raising guitar solo keeping the structure unique and mind blowing at the same time. The verse fly through the song like a tornado lyrically destroying everything in its way. Repetitive lyrics like "Murder in my future" just gives you a chill down your spine yet a smile on your face at the same time. So much anger and hate is felt in the delivery of the vocals. Also, be prepared for a couple more solos towards the end. Each one climbing higher and higher on the scales. Very impress guitar work, I must say.

One of my favorite songs on the album is the following track, entitled "Beauty Through Order." It's got so many different elements involved as far as tempo, vocals, and mixture of melody. The song starts out slower with a catchy guitar riff built up by rolling double bass pedals. Araya's vocals have a little more melody. They are still delivered in an angry tone, yet it's got more of a melodic touch to it. This, of course, changes as the song goes on. The violent thrash vocals come out when the explosive drumming picks up. Electrifying guitars fill the air giving a more demonic feel to the song. This is definitely some great head banging music. And the solos are just flying everywhere. Get that "repeat" button ready!

"Hate Worldwide" goes right back to the monstrous thrash metal. The drum fills are incredible, as you hear so much detail within every roll. The vocals go back and forth with short little solos which really keep you attached the entire time. Wicked notes layered with deep bass lines will consume you as you are crushed by constant snares in the track. "Americon" is another powerful track with lots of energy. Slayer shares strong lyrics about the government and basically how they're fucking everything up. The vocals are, again, delivered with such passion and anger which draws a great picture of the message they are trying to get across. Definitely get ready to pump your fists to this one.

"Playing With Dolls" starts with a basic guitar riff layered with clean vocals as the drums slowly enter. "Die in front of me" is shouted in the refrain making this another one of my favorite song on the album. Lyrically, it doesn't get any more metal than this. The drum fills get a little more light as most of the song is a basic riff repeated with little distortion giving a clearer view of the drum rolls. Certain parts do pick up a little with layered guitars towards the end, but for the most part the tempo runs at a slower speed than most of the songs. However, things do pick up yet again with the final track "Not Of This God." Immediately intrigued by the title, the song follows with a solid punch. It's got a heavy breakdown towards the middle of the song where the bass and drums just explode through the speakers. The guitars are fast and aggressive throughout leaving you bobbing you're head constantly. This is a great way to end the album.

Of course after hearing this album, you're going to want to replay it from start to finish. There is definitely a lot of shit going on that you might miss the first time through. Being known as one of the kings of thrash metal, I can only imagine how tough it is to stay unique yet sound the same album to album. Clearly this isn't an issue for Slayer as they prove yet again that they still have what it takes. Hopefully they will release another incredible album soon!


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