Friday, August 12, 2011

Black Sun Aeon - Routa (2010)

Have you ever looked into the metal underground scene in Lahti, Finland? Well I have and Black Sun Aeon is what I've come across. Formed in 2008, this 4 piece doom metal band has come together and released a full length album in 2010, entitled "Routa." The album has got everything from depressive vocals to heavy growling. The instrumentation is phenomenal with dark chords, explosive drumming, and soothing orchestral stings as well.

The opening track entitled, "Core Of Winter," starts with atmospheric strings and chugging guitar riffs blended with bone crushing drums and sizzling cymbals. Melodic roffs are layered on top as it prepares you for the verse. The first verse consists of slow depressive clean vocals similar to the style of the band My Dying Bride. The drum patterns in the background are filled with detail as kicks, snares, and drums jump in and out rapidly. A short breakdown fills between the gap of the first and second verse with exploding drum rolls and deafening guitar riffs with blaring distortion. After the second verse of depressive clean vocals comes a storm of devilish growls that will have you shitting your pants immediately. The refrain at the end of the track has both the clean singing and vicious growling layered on top of one another giving that beauty and the beast feel.

"Frozen" is the next track on the album and starts out with muffled guitar riffs which quickly become clear as the drums drop. The aggressive riffs will have you bashing your head with the beat. Violent growls enter in the verse as the clean vocals take care of the chorus. Following this track is "Sorrow Song." This is where the progressiveness kicks in. The first minute is heavy chugging and demonic guitar riffs. Cymbals are crashing everywhere while the kick and snare run back and fourth between chords. Wicked growls pulverize the verse as the tempo of the guitars stay steady. The melodies in between in the verses and refrain are very catchy and yet gloomy at the same time. This is a solid track you won't want to skip.

"Routa" has got a lot going on in the beginning. Rapid double bass pedals are layered with shattering cymbals, punchy bass lines, and violent guitar riffs. With the evil growling in the verse, the song has a strong black metal tone to it. The double bass action really puts some speed into the album. The orchestrated string really surround the rest of the instruments keeping everything balanced and together. Another amazing track is ""Dead Sun Aeon." Booming guitar riffs chug away in the beginning while depressive strings float in the background. Be prepared for a change up in vocals as you hear a beautiful female voice from Janica Lonn enter with quiet guitar notes in the background. Her melodic voice pulls you into the song as the instruments build up to the end of the verse. Powerful guitar riffs blast away in between the verses knocking you on your ass only to be lifted by Lonn's vocals in the second verse. A gorgeous melody runs through the strings after the verse as deafening growls enter in the end. The structure of this song is magnificent and is definitely one of my favorites on the album.

"River" and "Wanderer" are two powerful tracks that will run right over you the first time listening. They've got monstrous double bass pedaling, fast tempos and roaring growls that hit you in the face lyric after lyric. The breakdown in "Wanderer" is full of overwhelming bass and will definitely have you pumping your fist. The guitar work is incredible as they switch between melodic notes and piercing demonic chords. "Apocalyptic Reveries" is the final track on the album and runs for 7 minutes long. Its more of a two part ending as the first part starts with muffled clean vocals that enter the verse as wretched guitars are slammed in the background. The vocals give a haunting vibe to the song. Double bass pedals take over as the guitars are constantly chugging along. Layered on top is a wick guitar that almost plays as a vocal itself with its melodic tones. This fades about 4 minutes in as the last three minutes consist of a beautiful melodic acoustic guitar. Honestly I could listen to this all day!

Overall "Routa" is a mind blowing album that really took me by surprise when I first listened to it. The recording quality is excellent and the song structure is magnificent. Black Sun Aeon is definitely another young band with lots of potential and is heading in the right direction. Looking forward to their next project!


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