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Edguy - Rocket Ride (2006)

In 2006, The German power metal band, Edguy, released "Rocket Ride." This has been one of their most successful albums of their career. It has got tons of epic refrains and thunderous guitar solos mixed with funny lyrics and a good time.

The album starts off with the eight minute long "Sacrifice" which is the longest song on the whole album. It opens with angelic piano riffs and echoing guitars chords. Melodic strings following over the blaring guitars as the drums start to explode. The verse gets quiet as all of the instruments fade except for the piano. Lead singer, Tobias Sammet, comes in with soothing lyrics as his voice flows over the piano gently. Aggressive guitars roll in as the pre-chorus builds toward the end of the verse. The refrain hits with high flying vocals surrounded by loud crashing cymbals and deafening guitar riffs. The song continues with some hard chugging followed by electrifying guitar solos hitting every note on the scale. The instruments fade again for a brief second as the next verse starts off. Sammets constant change in pitch is incredible as he soar to the heavens with his high notes and comes gliding down with his medium and lower vocals. There is tons of speedy synthesizers and catchy melodies throughout the song keeping you hooked from start to finish.

"Wasted time" starts out interesting as strange bass waves roll through the first minute as the guitars add short notes in the background. After the first minute in the drums drop with a basic kick-snare pattern as blasting guitars jump in with massive amounts of distortion. You're going to want to pump your first for sure. The verse starts out quiet with nothing but soft acoustic strumming combined with Sammet's soothing vocals. The refrain constains catchy lyrics delivered with power as Sammet belts with high flying layered vocals. You'll find similar vocals in the next song, entitled "Matrix." The flange and reverb effects give an amazing futuristic sound to the song. Even the bass lines have an interesting sound effect to it. This is definitely a song you will want to listen to a couple of times.

The futuristic effects don't stop there. "Return To The Tribe" opens with catchy guitar riffs loaded with delay and reverb. The chords echo off the walls as heavy distorted guitars chug away. The double bass pedal drumming keeps a fast tempo as you'll find yourself bobbing your head immediately. Sammet flies over the guitars in the refrain hitting unbelievably high notes. It's mind blowing to hear his pitch jump so high. The drums are rapid with detailed fills and constant cymbals breaking everywhere. After, a melodic guitar solo follows. This song is a solid backbone to the album.

Later in the album you will come across the infamous song "Superheroes." The verse starts with detailed bass lines as Sammet sings with aggression. Constant kick-snare patterns take over the drums as monstrous guitar riffs chug away. This all sets a great build up to the refrain. The chorus contains catchy lyrics that you won't be able to resist. Gorgeous piano parts flow in and out of the guitars and are surrounded by soft orchestral strings. Definitely get ready to throw your fists in the air for this one. Especially since you're going to be hitting the replay button a couple of times.

"Rocket Ride" is definitely a party album. The lyrics are fun and the music offers a good time. This of course, is what Edguy is all about. If you're looking for upbeat music with catchy hooks and refrains than this is the album for you!


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