Saturday, August 20, 2011

Paradise Lost - In Requiem (2007)

Back in 2007, gothic doom metal band Paradise Lost released the album "In Requiem." This was their eleventh studio album and by far one of their best. The vocals are a little heavier while orchestrated strings and pianos leave a more soothing tone to the album. The guitars have some great melodies and are combined with some punchy bass lines.

"Ashes And Debris" starts out with eerie strings that get broken up quickly by heavily distorted guitar riffs as the vocals follow. Clean aggressive lyrics fill the air as the drums pound away in the background. The refrain has got deafening chords that are surrounded by shattering cymbals and detailed drum fills. Uplifting orchestrated strings take over as a light piano melody floats behind them. This creates that dark yet beautiful feel to the song.

Dark female vocals enter at the beginning of "The Enemy" carrying soothing melodies layered with blaring guitar riffs. The verse kicks in with dark vocals and rapid guitar chugging. The haunting female vocals jump in again after each verse only this time they are accompanied by explosive double bass pedals. You are later met with a pulverizing breakdown that will knock you on your ass immediately. Definitely make sure you check this song out.

"Requiem" starts with eerie synths and demonic guitar melodies. The drumming behind this is remarkable. The fills are booming with bass and complicated fills. The verse takes over with scratchy distorted guitar riffs that chug away while lead singer, Nick Holmes, delivers some harsh clean vocals. The chorus is full of catchy lyrics and melodies which will of course, be stuck in your head after the first time hearing it. This is followed by hypnotizing guitar riffs and rapid kick and snare action. This will leave you bobbing your head for sure.

"Unreachable" is an awesome track that leans a little more towards the gothic genre as the beginning gives off a Lacuna Coil feel. The vocals in the verses are not as harsh as some of the earlier song on the album. Guitars chug away as soothing piano notes carry on through the background. The chorus is extremely catchy and will have you bob your head to the drums. The drum rolls in between are very impressive. There is also an electrifying guitar solo that will blow you away. "Prelude To Descent" follows this with similar elements. Its got slow heavy drum fills and thunderous guitar melodies. The vocals change up from soft to harsh half way through the song as another monstrous solo flies through the middle of the track. The refrain is another catchy one as melodic guitars back up the clean vocals. These are definitely two track you don't want to miss.

Paradise Lost is one of those bands that just keep getting better and better with every album. "In Requiem" has definitely shown that they have taking their music to the next level. The song structure was well written and the lyrics were incredible. Make sure you take some time and listen to the dark and beautiful masterpiece.


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