Friday, August 19, 2011

Sons Of Liberty - Brush-Fires Of The Mind (2010)

Iced Earth's Jon Schaffer has been working very hard on his solo project, called Sons Of Liberty. He's released the first full length album, entitled "Brush-Fires Of The Mind," and has got a lot to say. The album is all about the corruption of world leaders and governments and how we need to stand together to save our freedom. The lyrics are deep, the guitars are heavy, and the drum fills are incredible!

The opening track, "Jekyll Island," runs a little over seven minutes long and is full of overwhelming guitar riffs that will will rattle your brain from start to finish. It starts with mellow notes and soft drums while words echo in a whispering tone. Harsh guitar riffs enter with fast snares and booming kicks. The lyrics in the refrain scream from left to right as Schaffer smashes both high and low notes. There is a short speech in the middle of the song with a crowd of people cheering in the background. Schaffer is really trying to push his political views on this one. The guitars continue to beat you down with catchy patterns and melodic riffs. This runs right into "Don't Tread On Me," which starts with rapid guitar chugging as cymbals crash everywhere. The verses are filled with aggression and emotion. The mix between catchy riffs and solid lyrics will have you singing along. This is definitely the time to start pumping your fists in the air. A vicious solo follows between refrains giving an extra burst of energy towards the end. Get ready to the repeat button a few times.

"Our Dying Republic" starts out with mellow tones as soothing strings accompany simple bass lines and light drumming. The verses are clear with deep meaningful lyrics. Definitely make sure you look them up. The chorus contains some chanting lyrics that will get stuck in your head. The melody is very catchy. Also a little solo follows after each refrain hitting rapid notes but with a calm feel to them. Overall, the song is very relaxing yet filled with passion. Things fall more towards the Iced Earth sound in "Indentured Servitude." The beginning has a 40 second intro of a recorded speech that immediately jumps into head bobbing guitar riffs and drums. The verses are awesome with aggressive vocals. However, the song is broken up in between with more old recorded speeches from past presidents and other world leaders. As interesting as it is to hear what is said, is kind of takes way from the music. So definitely listen to this a few times so you can catch everything.

"Tree of Liberty" and "Feeling Helpless?" are both very strong tracks to the album however they sort of blend together and sound identical. The verses are solid and the refrains contain chanting lyrics with catchy melodies. It's good music but it could have probably been combined into one track. "We The people (We Surround Them)" is the final track on the album and the guitars and drums really explode in this one. There is so much energy in the music along with thunderous vocals. Also check out the lyrics. The message is very motivating.

Schaffer really goes out of his way to spread his message and delivers it well with heavy guitar riffs and punchy bass lines. "Brush-Fires Of The Mind" has got some impressive structure and interesting lyrics. If you love Iced Earth and you're wondering what Schaffer has to say about the government, then this is definitely the album for you!


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