Wednesday, November 23, 2011

From The Depth - Back To Life (2011)

From whispering strings and piano notes to magnificent guitar solos and booming drumming, the Italian power metal group, From The Depth, has really made an impression with their new album, entitled “Back To Life.” This is nothing but a pure symphonic masterpiece. The vocals are ravishing as you will hear a clean voice soar over breath taking guitars and exploding drum rolls throughout the entire album. Prepare to be blown away.

The album kicks off with “Back To Life” which is a short introduction that is full of beautiful stringed instruments providing you with catchy melodies that immediately grab your attention. You’re quickly knocked down with the following song, entitled “Live For Today.” Thunderous kicks and snares come rolling in carrying distorted guitar riffs on top. The tempo is quick and upbeat which will definitely make you bob your head. The vocals hit just the right notes to make the chorus catchy as hell. The lead singer shows a well balance voice that can hit high operatic notes but also lower octaves as well. The guitar solos come in towards the end of the song and will absolutely blow your mind. They throw note after note in such a quick delivery and really run up and down the scales. You’ll find more melodic solos in “Our Music Our Soul” as well. In fact, it starts out with hell raising guitar work that is just insane. And this is only the beginning. Later they include another wicked The verse contain relentless drum patterns and snapping snares that will make you flinch every time you hear them. This has another one of those catchy refrains that will just be stuck in your head for days.

“Don’t Forget Who You Are” fades in with a distorted riff with an interesting flange effect on it in the beginning. It give it that futuristic feel to the song right off the bat. They included a lot of piano riffs in the background of the verses in this one and it really provides a warm sound to the mix. As the chorus comes through, you are hit with hich flying vocals and blaring guitar riffs in the background. I couldn’t help but play this song over a couple of times. It’s that damn catchy. Afterwards the albums slows down for a few minutes with the song “Lack Of Emotions.” The slow eerie strings bring a haunting feel to the table. The depressive sounds really take you by surprise as you just started getting used to the uplifting symphonic tones. They do not include any vocals to this track however there is some soft synths and piano notes that kind of taking over the song giving off a vocal type of feel. They definitely carry a lot of dark mixed emotions in this instrumental.

Things pick right back up again with “The Will To Be The Flame.” Fast chugging guitars consume the verses while the detailed drum fills destroy everything in their way. The performance of the vocals are excellent in the chorus. The lead singer really hits some high notes in this one. “The Cruel Kindness” and “Nenia” are two beautiful ballads that you run across later in the album. They really set a balance of soothing guitars verses some of the more aggressive riffs that you have already heard. Both of these tracks are full of emotion as you will easily feel in the soft vocals alone. And the music that was written around them are beautifully crafted as well.

“Back To Life” has everything and more when it comes to a solid power metal album. The songs flow together smoothly and are well balanced between reckless guitar solos and stunning piano work. Also, the vocals were most impressive. This is definitely an album that you will want to check out. It’s good to see that there are young power metal bands that will clearly keep the genre alive.


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