Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pursuing The End - Dawn Of Expiation (2011)

A fresh new band out of Italy by the name of Pursuing The End has released a new EP, entitled “Dawn Of Expiation.” It has magnificent symphonic orchestral instruments mixed with intense growling and beautiful clean vocals, both male and female as well.

The first track is called “Arterna Fuga - Prologue,” and it starts out with heavy orchestral strings that are followed with multiple vocals that are sung in different octaves and different lyrics. They all have a gorgeous operatic style to their sound and glide over the strings perfectly. After this short epic opener comes a powerful track, entitled “Followers Of The Wrong Way.” This has a lot of orchestral strings in the beginning as well along with a catchy flute in the beginning almost giving a folk like sound to the mix. The catchy melody if taken over by the female vocals where she hums hitting extremely high notes with her operatic voice. The verse contains all three vocals, clean male vocals, then the operatic female vocals, and then the aggressive deep growling vocals. Each will amaze you in their own way as you will see that they are each delivered with energy and excitement. The chorus has catchy melodic lyrics that will have you humming along immediately. The drumming is absolutely insane as you hear nothing but wild double bass pedaling throughout the entire refrain. Another key part that makes this track so incredible is the orchestral horns and strings in the bridge of the song. They music is so uplifting giving an angelic classical feel to the music. Also the vicious growls at the end completely knock you on your ass. Such a powerful way to end it.

“Call The Priest” is the third track on the EP and contains some insane organs throughout the song. More energy comes pouring out as reckless guitar solos fill the air in the middle of the track that run up and down the scales with high speeds. The chorus is full of upbeat melodies and fast drumming that will have you bobbing your head the whole time. The only issue I have with the track is that it’s barely three minutes long. It definitely had me wanting to replay it again.

The final track, “Dawn Of Expiation,” starts out with some heavily distorted guitars blasting away along with some haunting demonic strings. The drum fills are relentless the way the rolling snare constantly beats you down while the cymbals shatter all around you. The verse consists of the female vocals and the devilish growls as they go backa nd forth to each other and sometimes even layering on top of each other giving a strong beauty and the beast feel. The refrain is a bit weaker than the other songs as they female vocals aren’t as operatic as they usually are. Also the melody is a little more depressive and not as uplifting as the other tracks were. More monstrous growling comes in and out keeping the track interesting and constantly changing. You never know what you’re going to get next with this group. Even the male vocals come in later in the song and sing along with the female vocals. You’re hit with more impressive orchestral strings and melodies and booming drumming as the song slowly comes to an end.

If you enjoy the symphonic styles of Rhapsody Of Fire then Pursuing The End is definitely a band worth checking out. “Dawn Of Expiation” has some solid clean recordings of some very impressive vocals that soar over the electrifying guitars and strings. I am looking forward to where this band goes with there music.


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