Monday, January 23, 2012

Frozenbleed - Distance (EP) (2012)

All the way from Italy comes a fairly fresh band by the name of Frozenbleed. They have recently released a new EP entitled “Distance.” It’s got four track and an intro that are full of calm depressive vocals and soothing instruments. The band falls under more of a gothic rock band with post doom metal tones in between.

The album opens up with an eerie piano intro that carries depressive strings and emotional melodies. After this “Prologue,” you run into Distant Reflections” which contains mellow guitar riffs and slow drum patterns. Clean male vocals slowly fade in with the verse. Soon after the guitars build up distortion and booming drum rolls. The mood continues with sadness as the tempo slows down once again during the second verse. The guitar riffs are light and gloomy and add a dark and yet beautiful tone to the song. “Autumn Leaves” follows with soothing acoustic guitar riffs that pull you deep into the track. The music stays quiet until about two minutes later when blaring guitar riffs drop with catchy melodies and fast snare combinations. The vocals stay calm and emotional as they float over the instruments. This is probably the heaviest song on the EP.

“Absence” is the fourth track on the album. It starts out with haunting sound effects along with bone chilling piano riffs. The tempo continues to stay at a slow speed as the drums kick in. Basic drum patterns take over the background as sad vocals enter. What sticks out the most in this song is refrain. You’ll notice that the clean vocals are accompanied by a devilish growl slightly faded in the background. This definitely displays a clear sound of beauty and darkness. And if you like this effect, then you’ll love the final song, “Lost Fragments.” The vocals open with a more aggressive tone to it as the vocals switch from clean singing to monstrous growls. They even add a filter to the voice giving it a mysterious sound. The lead guitar throws depressive melodies at you almost sounding as if it were crying. As the instruments build up more and more you are eventually hit with a wicked solo about four minutes in. high flying notes are dropped on you from all directions as cymbals clash heavily in the background.

Frozenbleed has a solid delivery in “Distance” and has some interesting riffs and sound effects to offer. You definitely hear some Katatonia influences within their style of music as well. Each song flows well into the next both musically and vocally. If you’re looking for a more calm gothic sound then definitely make sure you give “Distance” a good listen.


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