Sunday, January 22, 2012

The 10 New Artists You Need To Hear, The Second Wave

Time flies when you are listening to some great metal. This week, Hell22 had some great pleasure listening to new albums from Avelion and Bare Infinity, while Intervals fell a little short of the mark. Murmaider, on the other hand could do nothing but shake his head at the latest work by Black Chalice.

Now nine solid months of reviews have passed, and we have discovered many new bands that you should all hear. In our first installment, we gave you a heads up on Brymir, Tersivel, Project Masquerade, Skogen and so many more. This time, we each have five more bands to check out. Do it. Seriously, go ahead. It'll be worth it.

Part one could be downloaded here, I suppose.

Part two? Right here, guy.

Murmaider's List:

Pursuing The End (Review #1)(Review #2)
October (Review)
Illuminata (Review)
Lethian Dreams (Review #1)(Review #2)
In Loving Memory (Review)

Hell22's List:

Eumeria (Review)
Nemesea (Review)
Lapis Lazuli (Review)
Morito Ergo Sum (Review #1)(Review #2)
Kayo Dot (Review)

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