Friday, March 16, 2012

LLVME - Yia De Nuesu (2012)

A lot of bands try to mash too many genres together and end up sounding horrible. Well LLVME isn’t one of those bands. They actually put together a pretty balanced sound in their new album, entitled “Yia De Nuesu.” The extreme metal band from Spain manages to combine blackened death metal sounds with folk and even Arabic tones and melodies. If that description doesn’t excite you than I don’t know what will.

The album begins with the song “1188-1230” which opens with an eerie melody that is accompanied by slammed guitars and double bass pedals. The guitars start to chug away as the verse begins with vicious growls. Booming drum rolls take over the background with echoing cymbals and detailed double bass pedals that will have you throwing your devil horns up immediately. The refrain contains seductive female vocals that hypnotize you deeper into the song as the growling vocals come through and completely destroy you. Later follows a soothing violin solo that is calm and haunting gat the same time. This runs right into a wild guitar solo that runs up and down the musical scale recklessly. The female vocals fade back in soon after with angelic tones and gorgeous melodies. The tracks closes with a beautiful piano riff. This is a perfect opening track that displays all sorts of instruments and structure and gives you a taste of what this album is all about.

Things become heavier with “Helmantica.” The tempo picks up with quick speeds as relentless snares pound away at you while double bass pedals rumble violently beneath you. The growls waste no time as they quickly rush in from the beginning. They are layered with monstrous guitar riffs and surrounded by keyboard strings. Definitely make sure you pay close attention to the drumming because the fills in this track are phenomenal and will blow your mind. Later comes a song, entitled “Conceyu” which contains soothing strings and violins throughout the track giving off both light and dark tones. Powerful guitars blast away in the background as more pulverizing growls take over with wicked lyrics. This track continues to show how diverse they can get with all of the different uses of different instruments and distorted effects. You’ll find yourself hitting the repeat button in no time.

Warm strings fill the air in “Purtiellu De La Llialta.” Beautiful guitar riffs slowly fade in almost playing as a vocals. Distorted guitar come in on top with heavy distortion as they chug slowly as the drums jump in with exploding snares. The verse has an interesting build to it as you will find melodic bag pipes floating in the background while monstrous guitar riffs and drums shake you. Violent growls are thrown at you giving off a realy beauty and the beast type of feel. Meanwhile the strings continue to surround you with their relaxing presence. Later comes another guitar solo with calm melodies and catchy notes. This is definitely a song I find myself going back to again and again.

“Llibacion Nu Alborecer” has a great mixture of distorted guitars and beautiful piano riffs that carry clean male vocals gently throughout the track. Of course you are later met with monstrous growls that will knock you off your seat. Meanwhile demonic violins begin to take over surrounding you with dark devilish tones. You run into these ominous violins a couple of times throughout the track. The song structure was set up perfectly to give you a little bit of everything.

“Yia De Nuesu” has a refreshing sound with it’s unique elements and its use of various instruments. Each track is well designed and leaves you guessing as far as where their sound will lead next. LLVME creates an intense atmosphere of weeping violins, thrashing guitar riffs and warm bag pipes and strings. It’s all connected in perfect time with their thunderous drum fills and relentless double bass pedal rolls. This is definitely a work of art that you don’t want to miss!


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