Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rogue Sounds - Jupiter And Beyond The Infinite (2012)

Anaheim, California's Rogue Sounds are creating immense soundscapes that simply cannot be contained. Following in the footsteps of some of the titans of their genre, they are taking the art of post-metal, and making it easy to understand, and even easier to enjoy. And while this three piece offer their work up for little to no cost, rest assured the quality far surpasses the asking price. But eliminating the cost means you have no reason not to hear what "Jupiter And The Infinite Beyond" has to offer.

From the first blast of "Wormsign," you can get a sneak peek of what you are in for. Relentless drumming stands out, never missing a beat. The guitars provide the atmosphere, the bass provides the driving force. Falling somewhere between the unbridled aggression of Isis and the smooth, polished flow of Junius, there is plenty to digest. This isn't a one dimensional instrumental, but rather an ever changing, ever evolving composition. The addition of synths to the background is a subtle, but very effective, touch. And while subtleties are such a large part of what makes this music enjoyable, it is the obvious pieces that make it so easy to listen to. Evident in every drum stroke on "25th Parallel North," there is an assertiveness that, if it was missing, would create a gaping hole in the mix. Instead, every gap is filled, making each section unique, yet connected. The groove provided by the bass line, combined with the airy synthesizers that accompany it, counteract the heavier guitars and drums. It leads to a tug of war, where both side pull, keeping the rope precisely centered.

If, somehow, you aren't sold on the merits of electronics in the post-metal movement, "Mission To The Sun" might hep to sway you, one way or the other. Beginning with programmed horns and beats, it lays the groundwork for a space age feel. What you are greeted with at the beginning is all you get, with the band choosing to use this as an extended interlude, rather than the foundation for a building guitar track. For better or worse, it fades into "Solar Nebula," which immediately brings things back to life. The drums are massive in sound, from each kick to every passing snare. The track is a perfectly formed take on atmospheric post-metal, with an intense wall of sound following you throughout. Guitar chords are strummed, echoing for seconds afterwards. Once again, use of synthesizers brighten the mix, elevating every guitar fueled note to new levels.

The short interlude, titled "Continuum Storm," is short and to the point, break beats included. Walking the fine line between electronic interlude and techno homage, it finishes the arch that "Mission To The Sun" began, this time fading right into the closing track, "LV-426." Gone is the house vibe, and returning is the low end provided by a true rhythm section. Rock solid, like a concrete foundation, they keep the tempo and give the melody a starting point. With layers of guitars and synths building up over the course of over five minutes, you are slowly surrounded by the distortion and crashing snares. There is some degree of immersion that must follow, allowing yourself to be swallowed whole by the mix, only to be washed ashore minutes later.

It is almost amazing how easily Rogue Sounds transition from beats to hard edged, guitar driven metal. The cohesion between all three members results something that is both engaging and accessible. They have taken the ideas of some of their biggest influences, and made them into something uniquely their own. And, with this being a work of art rather than a business venture, they can do what they choose. By offering up the music itself for free, it is an invitation. It reads: "This is our new album, 'Jupiter And Beyond The Infinite.' Sit back, and enjoy." So, what are you waiting for?


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