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Episode 30 (Sample our wares) (12/11)

A very special episode awaits! First, we break the ice with some reviews for the week. Murmaider thoroughly enjoyed the latest album by Illuminata, as well as a new offering from Thousand Year War. Hell22 was equally pleased, having heard great releases from Eumeria and Netherbird. The year is nearly over, but the metal flows freely!

But now, the moment we have been waiting for. Time to unveil Sorrow Eternal: The Sampler, Volume 1. We have compiled some of the best and brightest from the year that was, and put a track from each on one CD for your listening pleasure. Soon, you will find the CD up for order on the site for the price of $6, plus shipping (simply to cover our costs). And yes, we will ship anywhere and everywhere in the world. The tracklist and artwork can be found below. Keep an eye out, and be ready!

Episode 29 (A December to remember) (12/4)

We had some great albums to review this week, and we do it with gusto. Hell22 discusses his take on East Of The Wall, Timesailor, and the impressive new album by Nemesea. Murmaider talks Crom, and then reasserts his love for Nightwish. And, considering the beginning of December is upon us, it seemed only fitting that Nightwish would take over as our final Band Of The Month for the year. Let's face it, this band is at the top of their game. We take some time to talk about the band, the new album, "Imaginaerum," and how much Murmaider loves everything they do.

Side note, we pushed the Junius interview back, and Astral Winter went up yesterday. Yeah, we did that. Keeping you on your toes.

Episode 28 (I've been to the future) (11/27)

After the "Top 5" list last week, we elected to go for a more short, focused effort this time around. So, we skip the review process, and answer a question that has been plaguing Murmaider lately. What does the future hold for metal? What subgenre is going to carry metal into future generations? And more importantly, are the Black Veil Brides and Avenged Sevenfolds of the world going to ruin everything that metal has been thus far? Only time will tell, my friends.

Episode 27 (The evolution of sadness) (11/13)

We always have so many things to say, but we do our best to keep it short and moving. And sure, we fail at that most of the time. But we're trying. Metal is just too fun to talk about. This week, Murmaider talks Fading Waves and Hedon Cries, and Hell22 is feeling very "doom-y" with new EPs by Morito Ergo Sum and the undisputed kings of doom, My Dying Bride.

With so many doom bands on the docket over the last couple of weeks, it got us thinking about the evolution of the doom metal genre. It isn't all melancholy crooning and slow moving beats. Now, you can find melody, you can find female voices, and you can find some intense musicianship, and a lot of symphonic elements. Where does it go from here?

Episode 26 (And the winner is...) (10/30)

Better late than never! We have weathered the storm, and are back in full force. Hell22 had a busy week, with albums by Animals As Leaders, Isole and Dark Haze giving him a lot to think about. Murmaider reaffirms his love of doom with Lethian Dreams, and goes for a darker side with Sacrilegious Throne.

Another month has passed, and another band must be chosen. This month, an album that has our entire office captivated takes center stage, earning Boston's own Junius the "coveted" spot as our Band Of The Month for November. We talk about the band, the album, and what makes them so damn good. A round of applause is in order.

Episode 25 (©2011 Sorrow Eternal) (10/23)

When albums this great come out, we just want to talk about them. Hell22 remembers how he got into Giant Squid years ago, and discusses what makes their new album a winner. He then takes a look at the new, and possibly only album by German duo Albez Duz. Murmaider had a great week, with reviews of the latest Iced Earth Opus, "Dystopia," and a stunning new album by Junius.

But then some anger comes through. Twice over the last month, we have endured the pain in the ass of copyright infringement claims. Watchdog companies like ____ (name removed so they don't file a claim AGAIN) sit on their computers and file claims against people they THINK are breaking the law, without ever looking further. And this is yet another reason why the music industry is crumbling. Give Hell22 a break. After filling out form after form in defense of what we do, he is a little irritated.

Episode 24 (This band is your band, this band is our band.... of the month) (10/16)

So many good albums, so little time. Murmaider was stuck on Insomnium this week. Hell22 digested more, with albums by Akribi, 3, and Agartha earning a variety of scores.

The beginning of the month is an exciting time in the Headquarters, as the gang has the opportunity to single out one band to take the "Band of the Month" honors. This time around, Pennsylvania progressive black metal project Appalachian Winter steals the show. Hell22 and Murmaider take some time to discuss the mastermind behind the music, the music itself, and the interview we were lucky enough to score.

Episode 23 (A picture worth... about tree fitty) (10/9)

Murmaider was pretty impressed with the new Machine Head album, "Unto The Locust," as well as the one and only album from Solution .45. Hell22 had similar luck this week, stumbling on Myrath, a powerhouse from Tunisia, and Old Silver Key, a new project featuring Neige from Alcest. What a great week of bands and reviews!

But we have gone off on so many tangents the last few weeks. Dream Theater, Opeth, Mastodon, the list never ends. So, the topic on our minds tonight has been shelved for far too long. Album artwork. It can tell us so much about the album without ever listening. So, we explore the ins and outs of cover art and give you some tips on how to judge a book by it's cover.

Episode 22 (We put the curl in your burl) (10/2)

The guys return for an episode that reminds Hell22 how he got his handle so many years ago. He takes some time out to talk about Falloch and Omit, while Murmaider wants to give a moment or two to Ars Moriendi. But, he is noticeably preoccupied. Our inaugural Band Of The Month launched, and who better than Mastodon to take the honor for the first go round. So, we take time out from our normal ranting and raving to dissect the band, "The Hunter," and the winding road that got them to this point.

We have had so many guest spots on the podcast, that a war is ready to break out. The Scenario can't wait to get back to the headquarters and have a few choice words for Chester and Duct Tape. Soon...

Episode 21 (Duct Tape, The Devil and Mikael Akerfeldt) (9/25)

Another week, more great new bands. Murmaider has a few things to say about The Wounded Kings, and his new found love of Tiluland. Hell22 didn't have as much luck with N O V A or Opening Scenery.

After a long wait, the guys get to see Opeth again, with Katatonia supporting. But the set list has many fans in an uproar. Duct Tape joins us to discuss the show, the songs, the crowd, and his first true metal experience.

Episode 20 (A dramatic change of scenery) (9/18)

After a week of technical difficulties and disasters, Murmaider and Hell22 relocate for the day to discuss the week that way. Murmaider had a week of surprises, enjoying new albums by American folk metallers Northsong and Canadian sludge band The Sun Through A Telescope. Hell22 found himself expecting exactly what he got from the new Dream Theater album. For better or worse, it was "A Dramatic Turn Of Events."

But the main highlight of the week was Murmaider's trip to the new Yankee Stadium for The Big Four. From the smallest of them, Anthrax, all the way through Megadeth and Slayer, to the (former) kings of metal, Metallica, his life has been changed forever.

Episode 19 (A side of metal and gravy) (9/11)

Murmaider wants you to know that metal is alive and kicking in Australia and Ukraine, and Vyrion and Sad Alice Said are prime examples of that. Hell22 knows a thing or two about the death/doom genre, but As Autumn Calls throw their own signature twist into the mix. Gorath, on the other hand, is preparing us for the end of the world.

The plague of side projects isn't a new one, but it has become a killer. Too many musicians try to sustain too many projects at once, and it leaves us, the fans, holding the bag. We talk about the good, the bad, and the insane projects of some of our favorite musical idols. And wait, what is that I hear? After a long absence, mostly due to chronic diarrhea and the craving for flesh, Chester returns to join in on the topic at hand. And he has a message for The Scenario.

The 10 New Artists You Need To Hear (9/4)

After six months of writing for Sorrow Eternal, Hell22 and Murmaider have come across some amazing new bands. These new groups are the future of metal, so it was important for the guys to reiterate how great they are. Get on board now, because we truly believe each and every one of these bands are going to be huge. After the jump, find the lists and reviews for each of the bands mentioned.

Episode 18 (A fist pumping Scenario) (8/28)

Murmaider and Hell22 are proud to welcome another guest to the headquarters this week. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome The Scenario! We had some great new albums to discuss this week. Hell22 had a good week with ICS Vortex and An Autumn For Crippled Children. Murmaider was blown away by Edguy... then torn down by Promises Lie. Techno and metal... together? This just doesn't make much sense. So we bring The Scenario in to discuss techno, and all the shit that just doesn't mix with metal. Stumpf fiddle? Yeah. YouTube it.

Episode 17 (Our first single...) (8/21)

Murmaider and Hell22 spend lots of time digesting new bands for you to hear. Hell22 has been taken for a ride by Morito Ergo Sum and Svartsot. Murmaider thinks you should give Jon Schaffer's side project, Sons Of Liberty, a shot. But hey, some guy asked us "When is the last time you loved an album, start to finish?" Well, the answer is simple. All the fucking time! Kinda makes you wonder what kind of music that guy is listening to. Oh wait, we know exactly what he listens to. And that means a discussion between the business of hip-hop vs. the business of metal.

Episode 16 (Prepare. The. Saaaauuuuccceeee.) (8/14)

The guys are feeling good, with a new site at in the works. Murmaider gushes over Amanda Somerville and Michael Kiske's duet album, and the latest album by Black Sun Aeon. Hell22 wants to share Blizzard At Sea with the world. Now, we have to ask you. Have you seen the Vegan Black Metal Chef yet? Well, we sure have, and we are fans. Check him out, buy a shirt (or knife) on his site.

Episode 15 (Lord Of The Dance) (8/7)

The guys kick back and beat the summer heat by discussing some great new bands, like Powerwolf, Ogen, and Project Masquerade.  We realized that after all this time, we hadn't really given folk metal its due. Combining the fun, dance oriented beats with native storytelling and instruments, this branch of metal is as entertaining as it gets. So, put on a "Lord Of The Dance" DVD, pull out your hurdy gurdy, and join us!

Episode 14 - The POW in Power Metal (7/31)

So, here we are again. Hell22 wants to shed some light on The Howling Void and Echoterra, and the gang fawns over Alcest once again. Murmaider gets all warm and fuzzy talking about the new Mastodon track, "Black Tongue," and we wonder if the rumors are true.... is there really no growling or screaming in the new Opeth album? "The Devil's Orchard" seems to indicate exactly that! Near and dear to our hearts, we feel the need to talk about power metal. Whether you love it or hate it, power metal is the gateway to so many other things. Murmaider wouldn't be the metal maniac he is today without the symphonic, operatic, and empowering themes. Right? Right.

Episode 13 - Catch it live! (7/17)

Tying up loose ends from last week, we lament over the decisions of Zakk Wylde and Alice Cooper. Murmaider likes what he hears from Heavenwood and Hell22 warns you about the dangers of a bad cover song on the latest Biomortal EP. The live experience can be well worth the money spent to get there. We discuss the good and the bad of the concert scene, and share some memories from our history of shows. From Bro-peth to a tough kid at a Symphony X, you get some crazy characters.

Episode 12 - Pretenders to the throne (7/10)

Hell22 talks about the pagan metal fury of Kromlek, while Murmaider likes the "scrowls" from Asphagor. But there is a problem. The word "metal" is used too damn often, to describe bands that simply don't deserve it. Has anyone ever said to you "Disturbed is, like, the heaviest band in metal today!" Well, we've heard it all, from Disturbed to Slipknot, Nickelback to Godsmack. And you know what? It kinda makes us mad. So, rather than pay for a therapist, we use this time to let off a little steam.

The Best of 2011... So Far. (7/3)

Every year is a good year for metal. Even when some of your favorites don't release new albums, there are scores of new bands, fighting for your attention. So, Murmaider and Hell22 have compiled a list of their top 10 favorite metal albums of the first half of this year. Check out the lists, and corresponding reviews.

Keep in mind that the lists are not based on the Sorrow Eternal reviews, but rather their personal enjoyment of each album. And just think, the year is only half over! We still have new albums from Chimaira (8/16), Dream Theater (9/13), Opeth (9/20), Mastodon, and so many more.

Episode 11 (Here waits thy DOOM) (6/26)

Murmaider gives us his take on Ghost Brigade, and Hell22 talks about Odd Dimension and October Tide. The gang discusses the elements of Doom metal, and some of the bands you have to hear. Plus, Chester realizes his worst fears: a doctor inserting multiple fingers into his rectum. Don't miss out on this one!

Episode 10 (I've got your Dimmu, RIGHT HERE!)(6/19)

Pagan's Mind has left Murmaider unimpressed, while Hell22 has nothing but good things to say about UneXpect. Chester has returned with a new outlook on life, and ready to finally complete his homework assignment. Dimmu Borgir is our focus, so we talk about how they have twisted their genre to suit their sound. And damn, it works for them!

Episode 9 (Birthday Dethday)(6/12)

Can you believe it? Nine weeks, nine podcasts, and Mastodon mentioned in each and every one. New artist spotlight focuses on Hell, Infestus and While Heaven Wept. And to celebrate Murmaider's birthday, we go off on a tangent of Black Metal. How do the stereotypes represent the black metal scene as a whole? And how do break away from them, and form your own identity? Not every black metal band wears corpse paint and burns churches, guy.

Fans of black metal, unite and leave us your comments!

Episode 8 (Phantom Menace, the downloading is)(6/5)

We keep digging up new artists to share with you guys. This week is no different. MaYan, Alcest and Year Of No Light all get the nod of approval from Murmaider and Hell22. But let's be honest. Downloading music illegally is a problem. Or is it? While the labels are trying to pin the tag of "thief" onto anyone who grabs an album online, they might be missing the bigger picture. We discuss the good, the bad, and the morals of downloading.

Here is a link to the article we mention: The Quietus

Episode 7 (Look out for Big Brother)(5/29)

On this installment, we introduce you to Hinsidig, Nox Aurea and Nimbatus. And while some labels are in it for the fans, others just try to get every last penny. How do these labels affect the development of a band? With the industry in the current state of disarray, how is it possible for labels to stay viable, without exploiting the people who buy the product? Who sets up these ridiculous tours... and why? Murmaider and Hell22 try to sort this out.

Episode 6 (Darwin's Theory)(5/22)

You may have been missing out on Skogen and Dammerfarben before, but we make sure you won't let that happen again. Chester takes the week off, so we discuss the evolution of bands, for better or worse. When a band changes their sound to fit the landscape of the industry, is that good, bad, or neither? Do you have to stay the same, musically, throughout your career? Is it really "selling out" if you evolve and grow?

Has one of your favorite bands made a dramatic change in their sound? How did that turn out? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Episode 5 (Double Trouble)(5/15)

This episode is our favorite so far. We give you a heads up on Arafel, Cathis Ord and Moonsorrow. But then, the conversation begins. Why does it seem like bands don't get the huge following they did 10 and 20 years ago? Is the saturation of every sub genre hurting each and every band? Is this all just another sign of the collapse of the music industry?

Side note: There was a verbal typo in part one. The violin player from Arafel is from Germany, not the guitarist. Said it right the first time, wrong the second time.

Episode 4 (Hurdy Gurdy Hijinx)(5/8)

Forth time is a charm, right? Sons of Seasons and Helevorn are on the "new artist" agenda, while Suidakra finally gets some respect. Chester has fallen into a folk metal induced coma after being introduced to Eluveitie's stunning album "Everything Remains as It Never Was." Time for a 'hurdy gurdy' education!

Episode 3 (I know who you aaaaarrrrreeeee!)(5/1)

Back again for round three. We open your eyes to French "oriental death metal" innovators Arkan, as well as Finnish folk metal titans Crimfall. Chester returns give us his view of Blind Guardian's latest opus, "At The Edge Of Time."

Episode 2 (Why So Serious?)(4/24)

Episode 2 finds the gang with a variety of topics to discuss. Includes a breaking artist segment, discussing the albums by Brymir and Blackguard. Chester turns in his homework assignment, after listening to the Nightwish album "Dark Passion Play." Metal discussion, plain and simple.

Episode 1 (Introduction)(4/17)

The inaugural podcast. The gang discusses the mission of the site, and some of our work thus far. Special guest Chester, with an outsiders view of the metal world.

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